Have You Been Taking Truly Rejuvenating Breaks?

Jul 19, 2019 | Creativity

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There’s real magic in breaks. That’s why, contrary to what I’ve done for years showing up nearly every day to write and share things here, I now take a few days away when I need it.

I also turn down invitations when I’ve been way too busy, I put extra projects months further out when my schedule is already packed, and I make sure my whole life stays active, not just a few parts of it.

None of this was my way for most of my life, and it was my greatest personal “success lesson” to finally adopt it as my way!

If you’ve been working and working and then, possibly, heading to vacations or weekends that are so action-packed that it still doesn’t feel like a vacation, if it seems that you’re always switched “on” and you haven’t been able to switch “off”… you may find real magic in totally rejuvenating breaks!

When I’d usually be writing, making videos and designing homes, I have been hiking in the woods, walking in the park and catching up on documentaries and other inspiring learning. I’ve been seeing friends, getting organized in small but significant ways, and, cooking a lot.

I’m starting to feel my most inspired artistry rising up within me again with all this doing of very little but pure enjoyment. And, for me, it’s a necessity.

The thought of doing any of this deep-break-taking even four years ago was totally unthinkable.

There’s a massive season of creativity ahead with a new Feng Shui Camp starting in the Fall that are both so exciting that it’s tempting to just keep on my routine of doing everything… daily… going and going…

But… I have learned my own lesson about this.

Preparation for new things used to be: working like crazy, adding in extra hours of work and staying “on” all the time. After all, what I do its creative so how could that be something I could “overdo”?!

How little I saw of the full picture until I burned out to the point of totally being over everything. I had a perpetual low-grade sore throat, 16 hours of sleep wasn’t enough and I came to learn a lot about my adrenals, my personal intentions and the ways I could design my actual dream life… NOT just success in a few areas of life despite the imbalance in the rest.

The last few years of wild growth have shown me that, for me, preparation for new things requires deep rest and lots of leisure, lots of creativity, lots of spiritual rebooting and lots of love.

How do you feel about the balance of your life right now? Does it feel lopsided, like so much time goes into certain things that there’s no room for anything else?

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? If it’s a long road to waking up and you’re still tired or immediately need coffee, you may want to slow down a little more and fill yourself up with even more rest and sleep.

How are you taking breaks? (note: taking breaks at a computer, especially if you’re researching, thinking, letting your mind compute a lot may not be as thoroughly down-shifting as you need)

As I head off to take a nap and then do lots of spiritual practice and a very long walk, I can tell you that once I made this shift I never looked back.

More gets done. I feel amazing. I look 100% better when I look in the mirror. My inspiration is constant and big ideas drop through the universe into my life all the time. I’m actually fulfilled, even if I don’t massively achieve every day.

And: everything can and does grow because my life isn’t stuffed 24 hours a day.

Here’s to all of your best rejuvenation. It’s the most luxurious necessity.



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