Have You Been Talking Like Your Dreams Are Going To Happen?!

Jul 27, 2019 | Creativity

Words are powerful creative tools.

Lately, even more than thinking about the creative power of words to shape the future, I’ve been looking at my words as a mirror of the energies that are active inside of me right now.

If ever there were intuitive or psychic or otherworldly predictions needed, I find all of them inside of me. How I feel, how I move through the day and how I express myself, the most obvious to me, are the tell-tale signs of what I’m actually creating in my life.

If those words and energies aren’t aligned with what I want, I know it’s time to make a change to start creating more awesome outcomes!

west elm house

The power of words is astonishing. It’s how we most commonly create and share specific emotions on a bigger scale.

Without language that’s shared in groups, we wouldn’t be able to articulate certain emotions and share them in the sophisticated ways that we do.

While I like to communicate through images and sounds and art and more subtle and powerful communication, it’s words that we tend to default to on a daily basis to connect and share with each other.

The house above perfectly communicates so many concepts, it speaks to me in all it’s dynamism, spaciousness and memories of my childhood home.

That said, I’m still using words of some kind to share it with you.

I’m a fan of all kinds of rich and true communication, so we can extend this conversation to every way to communicate— each way we connect with others and express ourselves is potent.

west elm house

Let’s get back to words, though, because they are an easy tell for many of us of where were truly at.

Do your words mirror what you’ve been wanting to focus on?

If you’re aiming to create something amazing but you find yourself complaining or speaking in generalities all day long, you might not be as focus with your eye on your creative prize as you’d like to be.

If you often start or join conversations based on negative political news (common these days, so common) when you really want to create a new career, a brighter relationship or more wellness in your life… this is a good tell that maybe it’s time to step away from these topics as they’re actively bubbling inside of you, taking up bandwidth that could be possibly much better spent on taking about fun or productive things!?!

Where are your conversations heading– spiraling up or spiraling down?

Are you using words to turn the conversations you have toward more peace and possibility or do you find it easy to spiral down in a conversation?

It’s easy to pin this one on other people’s negativity, but if we’re participating often in this stuff, we’re helping to create it. When I have this happen a lot, hearing my words start to pour into a down spiral, I look to see the negativity inside or me– where I’m holding onto things that make these down-spiral conversations something attractive or familiar in some way.

Do you feel compelled to talk about your present reality and “how things are” right now if it’s not what you want… getting very into a version of “reality” that’s pretty limited?

This was something that startled me. I thought I had clear dreams and lots of commitment, but I found myself taking constantly about “how things are” and “reality” so much that in every conversation I had like this I would walk away feeling even farther from the realization of any of my goals. I need the money… I need the opportunities that I don’t have… I need… I don’t have… I already works so hard… I…

… was digging myself into a hole based on “present reality” and the words I was using were such a give away that I didn’t believe in myself and my dreams as much as I thought.

If you’ve heard these words shaping your conversations and swirling in your mind, now’s a good time to shift focus and build more confidence in the fact that you can create your own reality.

Kicking this conversational habit changed my life over a decade ago in ways that were startling and magnificent!

Have you been forcing your words to be positive when you don’t believe them?

In our “positivity” focus we can start lying to ourselves and others to “make conversation” to “be high vibe” and more.

The thing is— the energy behind the words is part of them.

It isn’t going to be high vibe to talk about how great you feel when you feel horrible, to talk about how sure you are when you’re unsure, or how ready you are when you’re not ready at all.

You can’t fake the vibes. It’s totally OK to feel every emotion. In fact, it’s necessary.

If your positive words feel forced untrue to you, you might want to look beneath those words and get to the core of why you’re not feeling well, sure, happy or otherwise on your path.

It might be a fast process and it may take time to unpack it. You may need professional help, guidance and support.

All of it is the greatest investment ever.

In so many ways, our words are a way to see where we’re at, where we’re focusing, where we might need help and where we can empower ourselves more.

Your most vibrant and true self-expression can and will shape the world in epic ways!



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