Feng Shui To Align Your Emotions With Your Dreams!

Jul 31, 2019 | Creativity

(sarah prout)

Feeling great is the magic.

Even if you don’t feel joyous and ecstatic every moment of your life, feeling like you’re content, connected and grateful in this moment is wildly powerful.

You don’t have to feel perfect every minute of the day to have what you want, but, living with of a core of deeply great feelings (connection, gratitude, the wondrous feeling of full presence in the moment) that inform your days is life-changing and profound.

Fall into a habit of feeling good, watch what manifests for you and you’ll never look back!

Don’t wash over your emotions.

If you’ve become worried that you’ll “mess up your manifesting” if you get angry, upset, feel dissatisfied or anything else, and, as a consequence, try to deny all the less-than-radiant feelings you have… I encourage you to stop right now, feel every feeling and let them move through you.

Denying your feelings doesn’t make them go away. It actual intensifies them because they can’t be released.

Dig deeper and connect more to the moment.

The word “good” or “OK” has no place in my work life. If it’s not “Wow, this is so good!” it’s not for me to do. If it’s not, “This is so exciting!” I’m not going to pursue it. While no one in the world may feel the same way that I do about whatever project I’m working on, it’s so vital to me to feel it for what I create every day.

I used to look to other people to guide me and help steer me toward my path in life. I wanted constant guidance, feedback and acceptance… constant, constant, constant.

As a result I spent a few years in total confusion, not reaching any sort of “path” and not feeling fulfilled because I didn’t believe in my own power.

Digging deeper into my own passions was essential. Connecting to my own Inner Guidance and trusting myself more was incredibly important.

Whether in work, love, wellness or spirituality, academics or arts, your deeper dive into what resonates with you at your core is most vital.

While people can suggest things to you that might be of interest, no one can tell you what those most resonant things are is because they’re confirmed by a very powerful, personal feeling.

Eliminate distractions, take a break from asking for advice and dive into living from your intuition and instinct more and more.

Those feelings become louder when you start to listen to them!

I can tell you lots more ways I’ve stopped myself in my own tracks and blocked my own growth, but these two are the ones that I kicked first, and the results were dramatic.

I could feel happy BEFORE I accomplished things. I wasn’t looking everywhere for the right ways to live my life. I became more creatively awake and alive. And, I started to see things I wanted arrive in my life so much more quickly while I felt so much better in every way!



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