Declutter Your Life By Making Space In Your Days

Aug 4, 2019 | Creativity

Having time to do a bit of nothing urgent or vital is just as important as having time to go-go-go.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about that life-changing space-making.

As I get ready for a huge several months ahead of creative projects, the opening of the next session of the Feng Shui School of Intention and an interior design project heading into construction and completion, I haven’t lost sight of the fact that I still need some time to just BE.

I was not that way before, at least not where this work was concerned.

I feel it’s such a privilege to be able to do what I love. Because my work is so joyful, I thought it was just “too easy” on some level. The feeling translated into never missing a moment to be doing more and more and more, sometimes at the expense of other parts of life.

I felt so blessed that I felt that I should sacrifice to make up for all the good I was receiving. I should make it harder. I should prove I’m worthy. I should… not take a vacation. I should… not focus on anything else but this one thing.

While I’m pretty masterful at avoiding “should” things where my actions and lifestyle are involved, this form of “should” caught me by surprise.

This “should” led me to make something flowing and dynamic far more difficult because I felt I had to prove my worth for some abstract reason.

It led me to work so feverishly driven by passion (a very awesome thing) but, led my to avoid breaks, rest and vacations.

This “should” that was in my life was coloring it with a sense that if my work wasn’t hard– painfully hard— that I didn’t deserve good things.

This “should” was a belief, a limiting belief, as most “shoulds” are.

The last two years have been so dynamic and thrilling.

It became that way when I let go of this SHOULD.

The greatest lesson I learned was that by taking time completely off and powered down mentally, I would have more of my own brilliance and inspiration intact. Work works better, life works better, ideas become greater.

To be clear, I always (even in my most frenzied times) did tons of self-care and tons of spiritual practice and tons of Feng Shui in my home and life. I think that’s what allowed me to keep up my non-stop pace for so long without major consequence.

The big consequence I did feel in those days of believing that things had to be extremely hard was that I missed out on parties, hikes, trips, exploring new recipes, seeing friends more often, being more present in my relationships and more creative than I was. I also felt like I hit a ceiling and couldn’t really work any harder so perhaps there would be nothing left to create with no time left to create it.

I didn’t increase my success by making things hard, I just limited my joy.

Joy is the energy that makes creativity brighter. It’s the frequency that heals faster, inspires more, magnetizes possibility and dissolves negativity. Love multiplies, happiness spreads and people come together with more peace.

I actually put a cap on my success by limiting joy.

Having space in your life doesn’t mean living a life of complete leisure. You can be (I know because I am!) booked with things to do all day long and still make space in your life to do more of the things that are pure pleasure.

Hike, swim in the sea, read books, play with animals, cook new things, explore based on pure curiosity…. anything that detaches you from a sense of tasks and striving and “go-go-go” and is purely for the fun of it is what will give you space.

Taking naps or going to bed earlier and sleeping more can be, in themselves, radically space making.

Take a look at the days ahead and all that there is to do, and see where you can add some “do nothing” time.

Try it for a week if you’re inspired. You may be able to identify and ditch busy-work and extra steps that aren’t needed in your workday. You might feel remarkably better physically, emotionally, clear-minded, more calm. You may feel a wave of fresh energy come into your life.

And it requires absolutely no extra steps. In fact, you’ll likely do less and succeed more in all ways.

Here’s to capturing the joy in every day!



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