Shift The Energy In Your Days To Bring More Confidence To Your Manifesting Process!

Aug 6, 2019 | Creativity

You are amazing.

If we end here with the Feng Shui of the day and you believe that you are amazing, that’s all you need — that sense of confidence and healthy self-esteem– to fuel all the intention-setting and manifesting.

You are amazing.

If you aren’t feeling that amazing in all aspects of your life, a shift in the energy moving through you and around you can help you to focus very powerfully on how amazing you are.

That solid confidence is undeniably powerful and incredibly magnetic to create and attact all that you want!!

While it may be seemingly a stretch to move from “no confidence” to “incredible confidence” it’s definitely doable. I prefer, though, to bring daily practices into my life and suggest them for everyone who’s interested:

Focus on the good.  You can tear yourself to shreds all in the name of self-improvement and you’ll never see the improvement you’re looking for.

List out your talents, strengths, gifts and passions. Do a gratitude list and include them if that feels better for you. Let those strengths be your fuel, especially when you’re tempted to criticize yourself unfairly.

Visualize more. Take time every day, even ten minutes, to close your eyes and see the events you want to experience unfolding for you.

If you can’t see them clearly or you’re having a hard time staying focused, you might want to start with this one:

Write in a manifesting journal. More on this is HERE.

Do more space clearing. Including clutter. Clear it all out!

I love doing housecleaning as deep space clearing on a practical level. Pick one space and scrub until it sparkles. Open windows for an extra blast of fresh energy. I like deep cleaning one room at a time and reveling in the achievement rather than trying to push though a deep cleaning of my whole home at once.

Remind yourself of your past personal success.

You likely have had more than a few days you were proud of yourself, and those are worth celebrating. I list mine out every time I’m not quite sure about myself and start questioning my judgement.

It’s incredibly powerful to get the reminder as often that you need it!

I’ve written these lists daily for months to get my energy flowing in the right direction.

They’ve also reminded me of my own personal formulas for all kinds of success.

The key for me is that none of this feels like a chore.

If it’s not exciting on any level and feels really hard, it’s not gonna elevate you to great heights.

Follow your feelings and, every day, in every way that appeals to you, keep building that love and self-value and de-cluttering all the rest!



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