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Aug 7, 2019 | Creativity


There’s no lack of talk about high-vibes in my world.

High frequencies of energy are what power us at out best. They are the love that keeps us strong, vital, connected and confident. They’re the hope that is invaluable and the reason that helps us to understand one another even if our life philosophies are very different. They are courageous moments, blissful moments and also, sometimes, simple quiet grateful moments.

When you’re looking to create more of anything, turning up the dial on your energetic frequency is a potent step in manifesting.

That said, it’s one thing to get into high vibes and another to stay in higher vibes for more of the time.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about shifting the energy so it stays stronger and lighter in your life.

As I’ve been getting ready to start The School of Intention Feng Shui Certification program this season (yes, there’s now a Feng Shui School and you can learn more HERE) , and, soon after, introduce the new Feng Shui Camp (get ready for breakthroughs!!!), my personal frequencies of energy came into high focus for me.

If I’m not expanding my own capacity to live with even more light and love flowing through my days, I can’t really share it.

If I’m not pushing the envelope on my capacity to feel great and love myself, I can’t lead in the way I lead in this work.

Basically, without my vibes ever-expanding I can’t do what I do.

And, it’s not just because my job has to do with energy.

I’ve had jobs that were not based on feeling great and I still couldn’t thrive or be really effective when my energy was spiraling into the dumps. Sure, I could slap on a smile and go through the motions, but, if this was my general sentiment, the energy seeped into my whole life and colored it with sinking clouds.

While I don’t recommend holding yourself to a standard of perfect love and happiness every moment of the day (and don’t expect that of myself, either), I do highly recommend learning ways to both raise your energy and keep your energy stronger.

Boundaries are magic.

Do you have a solid fence on your property? Do you have a front door that is solid and works well?

Similarly, do you have a sense of your boundaries where saying yes and no are concerned?

HERE is so much more about setting boundaries while still staying open to all the greatness in life!

Non-negotiable habits are change-makers.

Not a day goes by when I don’t do my Buddhist practice twice a day, and it illuminates my energy and raises my life condition in a big way. It’s not a negotiation. No matter where I am or what is going on, it will be done. I used to be more lax with it at times and my life reflected the slouch in my energy.

Do you have non-negotiable habits that bring you to higher levels of frequency? Whether it’s exercise, prayer, meditation, creativity, self care rituals or all of the above, non-negotiable habits are pace-setters. You can count on them to keep your energy consistently strong because you won’t waver on them.

Let go of what sinks your vibes.

You know what that thing ( or those things) are.

I had many “attractions” to things like too much internet, too much news… and on and on. At first, they’d be satisfying and feel “high vibe” and then the energy spiraled down quickly.

Ask yourself how often your energy is focused on the things you love, the things you want and the things you’d like to multiply in your life.

If the answer is… well… some of the time… now you can see what vast benefits can come by letting go of habits that sink you.

Inspire others.

That’s a great way to keep the energy higher all around you and share love in the process.

Become the most organized person you know.

Organization creates flow. It helps keep your personal boundaries stronger, your attention more focused and your days free of needless stress!

There are infinite ways to raise your energy, and infinite ways to make your space and life energetically stronger. These are a deceptively simple start that, when practiced (and I do, every single day), will help you feel much more open to more high vibes flowing in.

Easy is often also the best when it comes to home + life changes!

Have so much fun bringing in the manifesting magic!




  1. Sheila Maniam-Seiler

    Dear Dana

    Would you mind sharing what your twice daily Buddhist practice is, please?

    I am curious as I resonate with Buddha figurines (have a few at home and one in the garden) and my Mum is a Buddhist. My Dad was a Hindu. I do not subscribe to a religion per se eventhough I grew up in Malaysia where religion (we are multi religious, multi cultural and partial to diverse food) is very important.


    • danaclaudat

      Hi Sheila! I’m a Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist. It’s based on the final sutras of the Buddha, the Lotus Sutra. I love love love all that diversity and multi-cultural richness– it’s so exciting and expansive in perspective. xoxo!!!


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