Are You On An Path That’s Full Of Growth?

Aug 10, 2019 | Creativity

Today, let’s talk about making life much more of a growth process.

I used to be carrying around so much lingering stress, so many limitations in my mind and had so many things in my life that felt so difficult that no matter how many big goals I set I was exhausted by the idea of getting through the day. If I could summon the extraordinary energy, I could hit a string of more successful days, a sort of burst that would soon bust.

I pushed this heavy stuff out of mind and “thought positively.” I used every energizing tool, burned all the sage I could get my hands on and still, there I was, not really growing even though I was trying so hard.

Once I finally got to the root of this life state I was in, the world opened up. I could actually be on a path to growth rather than using every bit of energy I had for survival.

I found the path that was finally one of Infinite Possibility and Creative Awakening and Intention that translated into design, action and joy and, fortunately, I found a way to help other people get there in the process.

The reason I’ve been showing up here for so long (8 years+) and writing, sharing, making videos and now teaching the method in The School of Intention so that more people can share it and expand upon it, is so personal.

I spend years spinning wheels when I was trying to move mountains. I know now — for sure– that there’s a better way to move through life.

It’s not just for the lucky ones. Even in times of challenge you can be on a path of incredible growth

You can design more Possibility into your home and your life in all ways.

You can create life with power when you can effectively declutter the things that make it so heavy and step into more Awakening.

You can, in this more awake space of possibility, shape your life in profound ways with Intention.

It all works together.

It starts with wanting to have a better way. If you’re locked in to the idea that you can’t do better than you are right now, it’s hard to go anywhere.

It’s that classic saying in action, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Decide you’re ready and dive right in.

Start finding more possibility in your days. Wherever you’ve made assumptions about what’s “REALISTIC” look past them and seek more possibility. You may be the first person on the planet to make a certain breakthrough and make it realistic for others to do it, too!

Declutter the things that feel too heavy.

There are infinite ways to do this and in Feng Shui in my way I use the tools that are the most effective and approachable, no-nonsense and empowering. I share hundreds of them on the blog that are extra-simple that you can start with right now.

Look at how you can awaken more creative joy in your days. A joyful home is always epic. Something deeply enjoyable in every day is incredible.

Set intentions that thrill you. 

Aim for anything that’s going to be a real catalyst.

Aim for things that fuel you.

Once you’ve decluttered your life, expanded into more possibility and creativity and decided to shape your days with intention, the sky is not even the limit!

I know these points may sound brief and simple, but it can be easier than you think to choose to grow every day and create a path in life and an entire environment where growth is not just possible, it’s inevitable.

You’ve worked really hard already. Now, let’s get into endless seasons of rewards!!!!

Enjoy it all!!!



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