The Energy Of Commitment Is Unstoppable!

Aug 15, 2019 | Creativity

Commitment makes ideas come to life.

It’s a make-or-break quality in my experience.

It’s the difference between impossible and possible.

It’s also an incredible quality that can show you the paths that are most abundant for you, the things to clear from your path and the places where you’re ready to go next.

Think about it: when you can’t quite commit to something, there’s always a reason and that reason isn’t usually a distinct fear of the commitment itself.

Maybe it’s not the right project, partner, relationship, job, home or choice? Maybe there’s some stuff of the past that hasn’t been resolved yet so that you can move forward and commit to something new? Maybe you’re not quite practiced enough to be fully confident?

Whatever it is, it’s worth some thought.

Doing things halfway gives you halfway results. And: you can even do the best at something skill-wise and not see the results because on an energetic level, you’re just not committed.

We all feel the level of commitment we’re experiencing.

We also respond to it.

It’s hard to get on board to work with a half-committed partner, it’s hard to be in a relationship with someone you you feel has one foot out the door…

And if we do get involved in these scenarios, we feel the lack of a solid foundation. Nothing can grow past a certain point.

Same for us when we’re not fully committed. We won’t go the distance, summon the superpowers and do the work to make big things happen if we’re constantly thinking about our Plan B, the worst case scenario or the things we’d rather be doing.

You can go through all the motions, but it’s just not the same.

Commitment is an energetic quality. It’s you fully connecting to a situation, place, person, thing and deciding to bring your best energy to it.

I’ve worked with thousands of people and the one thing that’s easy to see and hear is someone’s level of commitment.

When it’s strong, they’re open to every possible path and solution that feels good.

When it’s less potent, they’re not that excited about any option.

If you have a hard time committing to things, I understand. I was a master of not getting too attached to anything. My life reflected that lack of commitment. It didn’t serve me well.

One thing that helped me: I found I was able to commit to my happiness.

That was the first commitment I made that I kept. It was what I needed the most.

It totally changed the quality of my choices, my energy and my surroundings.

It wasn’t long before I found more things that I was able to commit to, and I dove in.

Now, when I see things in my life that are slow in getting started or just not moving, I know I’m not committed.

I usually ask myself about it, things like: Do I want to do this now? Is there something I need to learn here? Is there a better choice I can make?

Sometimes I drop the project. Sometimes I have some clutter to clear to have the energy to commit. Sometimes I see what needs to change and make the changes.

What I don’t do is let the stuff that I’m not committed to linger as it is. It’s draining, it’s low-vibes and it sucks the momentum out of my days.

There’s incredible power in that total commitment.

All your talents, resourcefulness and mountain-moving creativity comes to life. You’ve got no competition but yourself. The Universe gives you all kinds of signs. Your confidence soars.

That’s a beautiful place to be, and it all starts by making a simple and unwavering decision.



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