10 Of My Recent Favorite Ways To Add Glowing Energy To Every Day!

Aug 19, 2019 | Creativity

To know me is to know that I never tire of ways to bring more of the best vibes into every single day!

Wind in hair, sun streaming down, at a museum, favorite gown-like dress flowing— this is the energy I create with, even when wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants at home at my computer.

It’s a full sensory immersion in joy, self-love and designing a dream life.

As Leo season comes to a close and we head into the Virgo season of Manifestation (!!!) the themes of passion and bringing dreams to life have taken on a character of their own.

The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification program starts this week with a new group of students from around the world. (*details are here!) There’s a new Feng Shui Camp I’ve been working on and getting ready to release. Then, there are new recipes, new fitness goals, new books to read and new organizational systems to implement. There’s no shortage of things to do!

What’s most important to me, though, is the energy behind what I do. And, so, today, I’m sharing some seemingly small and also quite consequential ways I’ve been adding more glow to my days.

Unicorn Shampoo.

In my constant quest to find a shampoo that is both sulfate free and also actually cleans my hair instead of reducing it to straw, I run into many challenges. While an apple cider vinegar rinse every two weeks (one part apple cider vinegar to ten parts water poured over my already shampooed hair in the shower and combed through before rinsing out completely and following with conditioner) once a week was OK, I am more times than not pulling my hair into a bun in between those vinegar rinses.

When I spotted this unicorn root shampoo from Acure that apparently has rose quartz and all sorts of botanicals inside, I took the gamble. It’s new, it smells like rose and something else sweet and it looks like a pool of iridescent pink magic in your hands before it turns into a lather. Big winner for me for now, and I hope for a long time! (+no one is paying me to say this!)

Gratitude Lists.

In the ever-present raising of the bar in life, I was reminded many times this Summer that life is excellent and I am so absolutely grateful for who I am, where I am, what I’m doing and what blessings are everywhere!

I write them down, say them out loud, talk about them now constantly… and feel the effervescence it brings to every day.

Daily supergreen smoothies.

Sometimes it’s a handful of kale, spinach or other raw greens in a smoothie. Sometimes it’s barleygrass juice powder that gets tossed in. As often as possible, I add in the greens. They make an enormous difference in my energy physically, mentally and even in more subtle, intuitive ways!

The phone shut off and…more.

Not only do I keep my phone off for much of the day, I also have limits set on the time I spend on every social media platform. When I get my Instagram alarm, I know it’s time to put the phone down. This is a genius tool, also available on You Tube and Facebook, built into the settings for each.

It feels so good to reclaim more of my energy and bandwidth for things that matter in lieu of scrolling too much!

More art. It’s my heartbeat, so to speak, my way into a wider world of creativity.

I’ve been taking regular museum trips now and I’m scheduling all kinds of bigger art trips and events in September when the art world is back in full swing.

Deep study.

What has made the glowing difference for me in every attractive way in how I use my time: allotting more to deep study. I’m learning so many new skills, clarifying my vision for things I’m ready to create now as well as things I’m excited about in the future.

Fresh Aerobics.

I went from walking to aerobically-fast walking, simple hikes to bigger excursions… and now, I’m adding more fresh aerobic-type energizing exercise to every day. My running shoes are ready!

Layers of Vitamin Filled Skin Serums.

The best thing I discovered on You Tube and became obsessed with for all their glowing results : Timeless Skin Serums. I layer their Vitamin C-Ferulic Acid serum and then Co-Q 10 serum in the morning and Vitamin C again at night followed my Matrixyl Synthe-6. They are super-inexpensive, I store them all in the refrigerator and I am pretty much hooked for the long-haul. TIP: They have huge sales, so keep an eye out!

Rose infused Witch Hazel.

I use my Rose Infused Witch hazel as a skin toner BUT, also, use it as a base to make aromatherapy room sprays. THESE ideas from Martha Stewart can get you started!

My Daily Reminder (sometimes all day long): “you are super-powerful.”

If you want to do the easiest exercise to help your energy to stay vibrant and magnetic, remind yourself all day long that you are super-powerful.

It’s been a game changer.

Negative vibes don’t drag me down when they strike, I feel more powerful and, also, I feel more able to share that energy widely and freely!!!

Whatever you do that helps you to glow more, do it double, triple… pile it on! That energy is the ultimate in creative and magnetic awesomeness and it makes life exponentially easier!



P.S.: If you want to really immerse yourself in the light of joy so much more, my favorite Feng Shui and cutting-edge energy-shifting tools that I use almost every day are HERE for you in the Joy Immersion: 30 Day Negativity Detox! 


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