Use Your Energy To Believe In The Best Things!

Aug 24, 2019 | Creativity

It strikes me as odd how it’s often deemed more rational, responsible and sane to worry. Worry is somehow virtuous, humbling or vital in many circles.

Especially, when it’s in stark contrast to confident belief. Oh, that’s crazy, irrational and so foolish, you know?

NO. It’s not. Not at all.

Even science has shown that we get more of what we believe, so why not believe in the very best things?!

The key to success in all of the above scenarios is a keen determination to move forward no matter what. It’s belief in yourself beyond all circumstances.

People share doomsday scenarios with me in great distress. A world meltdown, the end of days, all the fear…

I’m not here to say that the world doesn’t contain huge challenges and incredible chaos.

But, I will confidently say that everyone believing in the worst will create more of the worst.

As I said, it’s been proven scientifically. Self-fulfilling prophesy. Feeling disempowered. The radical disempowerment that fear awakens.

It’s all the stuff we don’t need if we want to see success in all ways.

You can’t be simultaneously in a panic and in a state of growth and flourishing at the same time. When we’re in a state of fight or flight, our energy is being invested in pure survival. Many of the cells in our body perish under the stress of the shot of hormones. Adrenal fatigue and a host of other stress-related illnesses (99% of them are stress-related) are not what we’re looking to create.

I’m also a human being and I feel fear, I see myself headed into worry, I get wound up over things…

But, I’ve learned that unless there’s a clear and present danger to run from or react to, there’s nothing to gain by letting worry take me over.

We all have big things to do, adventures to have, incredible moments of every day to enjoy… and I can’t imagine that you’d willingly trade your joy and love and peace and abundance for hours, instead, filled with overthinking, stress and worry.


A few things that help me stay in the light:

Naps and sleep. A lot of both.

More things that are enjoyable. Watching Netflix documentaries with the dogs can be a success strategy in my life in lieu of overthinking and panic.

More exercise of any and all kinds every day. It keeps energy in flow.

Housecleaning. It often puts me in an energetic zone of problem solving and brings instant uplifting energy everywhere around me!

Simple stuff. The easier the better.

In place of worry, you can become more of the solution to the problems you see. In place of stress, you can be more resourceful, innovative and confident.

It may not happen overnight, but, with practice, you’ll see the opportunity in so many things that once caused worry.

And, at that point, if you keep going down this path, you’ll become so much of a believer in infinite awesome possibility that nothing can stop you in your tracks.



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