How Much Of Your Time Do You Spend Protecting Your Energy?

Aug 31, 2019 | Creativity


Hearing about living with only the highest vibes of energy around you is not big news these days.

What is bigger news is that people have– in light of knowing that positive energy creates all kinds of abundance in life– started to FEAR negative energies.

Myself included.

Protection is a positive activity, of course, but if it’s the daily state you live in with all things you do, you can’t grow as fast.

It’s literally impossible to be in a state of protection from negativity and a state of growth at the same time.

I am pretty sure you (and I ) would rather grow, right?

So how do you keep the energy in your life moving in a creative direction of growth while keeping the bad vibes at bay?

Remember that fear — no matter what you’re fearing– is fear.

And, that fear will tend to grow, even if what you’re “on guard” against is negativity.

It’s all one thing: fear is fear.

By fearing negativity we can create more of it. And, as mentioned, you can’t grow and be in fear at the same moment.

Also, your joy can keep the negativity away.

While it’s true that narcissists tend to be drawn to highly sensitive people, along with bright and shiny people, this doesn’t mean that you have to automatically engage deeply with everyone drawn to you!

It’s easy to say NO without fear. Learn the signs and red flags of toxic people and you won’t need to fear them. You’ll simply say NO and/or, you’ll be aware and you’ll have nothing to fear and you can choose how much time and what type of time you want to spend with them.


Love is one of the most powerful energy to transform everything- including negativity.

The more you love everyone (*or, at the least, choose to compassionately believe there’s good there even if you can’t see it) the more you’ll get the best of everyone– including the people who are presently pretty toxic. This was my secret to being able to work for some pretty awesomely toxic people in the past– I choose to see their good and only see that good while I was there.

When I’d slip up and focus on how “x,y,z” they were that was negative, I would fall into the effect of all of it every time, even though most days I was pretty immune from the swings of mood and energy.

This isn’t to say you should dive into toxic relationships and situations, but it is to say, if you’re in one, and it’s not crossed an abusive line (*abuse= leave immediately) you can likely manage without fear and move on to a new place with more peace and energy intact if you are ready to go.

And, always, do the things that fill you with joy.

This is the greatest way to fill your life with the energy that melts away the negativity and keeps more of it farther away. I once lived in a building that was haunted and nearly all of the 99 other tenants were plagued with ghost sightings, creepy feelings and/or major meltdowns in their homes.

I was right in the middle of it, I chose not to have lots of conversations about it, I kept my home super-strong in energy and… nothing happened. It was only when I was leaving and listened to the haunting tales more before I left that my bathroom tub flooded. Before that, it was smooth sailing.

Moral of the story:

Focus on the good and it keeps getting brighter and more awesome.



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