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Sep 3, 2019 | Prosperity

Even if you aren’t that radiantly happy in every moment, when you’re doing the right thing, you tend to know it.

Or, I should say, you know it because you’re more calm and tapped into your feelings and really feel it.

When there’s confusion or uncertainty, that also doesn’t mean your doing the wrong thing– it may just be that you’re doing things in a way that’s due for a shift.

The shift doesn’t even necessarily have to do with organization or habits or anything else.

Sometimes, the biggest shift is created by doing things you’re already doing, but doing them with new energy.

Example A: I could write the blog with the seriousness associated with pressure and stress. I could wake up extra early and douse myself in caffeine that gives me a clear mind prior to giving me massive anxiety. I could write double the amount in the same time, whipping through things at a lightning pace.

Example B: I could also write the blog feeling calm and happy to write. I can wake up early or sit down later. I could eat a meal first and enjoy it. Drink water. Take a shower. Then, I could write. It might not feel like the lighting fueled by green teas and a urgency as I sit and write in a fury. But, I’m enjoying the whole thing and feeling like my creativity is being put to use and I’m doing something that’s hopefully of service to someone.

It all gets done… but the energy is vastly different.

In Example A, I’m not happy. Also, almost certain to get sick, miserable and burned out if I go that route.

Unfortunately, that’s the “price of success” mythology that’s sold to us daily. It’s as though there’s a choice to make: your job or your life.

There really isn’t any need to make that choice. I don’t think that burned out, frantic and miserable is a key to success. All this pressure makes us less effective.

In Example B, I’m pretty chill. There are some really “omg yesss!!!” awesome moments in the day, but, for the most part, I’m sort of breathing, stretching, walking and enjoying things. I still get it all done, sometimes even more cleverly than I’d anticipated. Some days are a little (or a lot) hectic, and I take naps, breaks or baths to maintain a sense of calm.

Tension isn’t a sign for me of success in this example. it’s a sign I’m due to make a shift.

Sometimes it’s a habit shift. Sometimes, a schedule shift. Sometimes I need a break.

My most important order of business is to feel calm and centered most of the time.

Wild happiness, exhilaration and all kinds of opportunities find me in a calm, centered place.

Stress and tension seem to slow down my life and repel opportunities. After all, if what I’m doing now is taking 200% of my energy, how could I do more?!

The biggest benefit for me of Example B and staying calm:

I know what feels wrong and what feels right.

My intuition gets clouded when I’m in stress. In a space of openness, all kinds of incredible guidance, ideas and next steps arrive.

While I’m not a psychologist, healer or doctor, I know it’s make me healthier and I’m very sure it’s expanded my life.

And, it feels really good.

If you’re in stress now, you might want to take a break or do some deep breathing wherever you are. Put a hand on your forehead and one on your heart and breathe some more. See if you can breathe into a more calm place. Sigh out loud as you exhale, letting out physical tension as you do it.

Get back to whatever it is you have to do from this place of more calm and see how it goes.

Repeat the breathing or breaks of tension builds, even if it’s just for a minute at a time.

Simple stuff, but I’ve found it makes an enormous difference for keeping energy radiant and welcoming in sustainable, feel great success!



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