10 Ways To Know That It’s Time For More Alignment In Your Life!

Sep 9, 2019 | Creativity


Alignment is something I think of when I think of power. When things are in a line— all ducks in a row, so to speak– amazing things can happen with greater ease.

Alignment. Its when our thoughts, words, actions and environment are clear and focused, matching our values, passions and desires.

We are seen, heard, grounded, present and feeling fantastic.

Our of alignment, things get more tricky.

If you feel out of whack in some way and you’re offered a new project, a new job or new life opportunity… how confidently could you step into it? How solid would you feel? How sure would you be?

Doors actually don’t open as easily when we feel out of whack. Instead we feel we need to hunt for those doors and bang on them until they open. Things feel more efforted and more challenging.

Alignment opens those doors. It makes things easier.

And, if it’s time for more alignment, you’ll likely see many signs!

These are just some of the many ways you can know if you could use a bit (or, a lot!) more alignment.

You feel off. That’s an easy one.

You lose track of time or it feels like it’s “slipping away” and feels out of your hands. Time is how we track the points between moments, and if we’re not present and really in the moment, if can feel like time is flying incredibly fast and it’s hard to “catch up” with the moment.

You’re spending a lot of time looking for the cause of why things are wrong, rather that ways to immediately fix the issue and then address why. When we’re not fully in our intuitive power (I.E.: we’re out of alignment) it can be tempting to go on a search for why before we solve immediate problems as a way to delay action. When you’re more aligned it often seems best to solve any urgent issues and then address the “why” to keep them from happening again.

There’s a whole lot of clutter.  Enough said. 

You dread a lot of things in your day and feel like it can’t be changed. Granted, there are things we all aren’t the fondest of doing… but this is more an overall longstanding lack of enthusiasm for the day.

You dream of scenarios where you’re far away from where you live because your place feels wrong. This is a big one.

No matter what material things you have, it always feels like survival mode.

Decisions feel impossibly hard. It may feel like it’s incredibly hard to know what’s best, you might feel overwhelmed and, again, because it’s hard to access all your intuition when you’re not feeling aligned, decisions can get put off.

You are exhausted. It’s a big sign that energetic alignment is needed! If you’ve got draining situations in your life, now is the time to set them straight.

You’re working really hard and not getting results. This is my personal #1 sign that I need more alignment. If I sit down to write and ZERO inspiration is present, if I’m working hard and feel no pride in my accomplishments, I know I’m on a slippery slope and need to take a break to get my home and life aligned!

A little more of a sense of grounded stability, clear space and presence can go an incredibly long way in creating more alignment in life.

A little more rest, more feeling great and more kindness toward yourself goes a long way, too.

Setting up your home to align with your dreams takes things to a whole new level of alignment.

And, it’s easy to do!

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