Putting An End To The Type Of Settling That Puts A Lid On Joy And Abundance!

Sep 13, 2019 | Creativity


It’s easy to know when you’re settling for the job you aren’t thrilled about or the house that isn’t quite the dream home yet.

That said, there are other forms of settling we can do that aren’t as obvious as getting the car we don’t want or the cake that isn’t our favorite.

It’s harder to spot, but it feels far heavier and more limiting, more confusing and stressful:

Settling for energy that is way lower than what you want.

This is the kind of settling I’ll never settle for again!

I see people all day long who literally “have it all” but… they aren’t surrounded by joy. They meet with deep frustration daily. They don’t know when it started or if it can stop.

All it takes sometimes is a small shift in energy to open doors to more fulfillment and then… the momentum of joy takes over!

Here’s to no longer settling for the vibes we don’t want!!!


When you’ve settled for energy you don’t want you might: entertain complaining all day or mistreatment, avoid your talents, feel incredibly stressed by the news, feel incredibly stressed by mounting pressure… feel stuck, feel limited, feel like opportunities are few…

If this is a chronic state its usually all symptoms of living with vibes that are lower than we’d like.

I’m a fan of personal responsibility. If I find myself in a less-than-awesome energetic place, it’s my job to get out of it. True, I may not have caused my problems myself, but if they land at my feet, I can either 1. freak out (this has never helped me) or 2. handle it and make a decision to move to a high-vibe place in life, triumphing over whatever it is.

It usually starts by letting go of lower vibrations.

One of the biggest ways I started to really soar energetically– I got rid of lower-consciousness habits.

I stopped following what I don’t want to see on social media. I stopped listening to gossip. I stopped diving into news analysis on TV and online. I stopped eating foods that slowed me down. I stopped putting myself last.

All of these switches were a big subtraction.

In the space I made, habit-by-habit, I gained space.

I started studying esoteric things I love, I started doing long hikes and running again, I started taking time for all kinds of personal rituals that acted like magic in my life.

None of it required special skills.

I just made a choice to let go of so many things.

Choose to keep on growing and elevating the energy around you. You’ll find it easier to create healthy boundaries, a sparkling happy home, a creative empire of joy, more radiant wellness and so much more.

If given a choice, I’d rather settle for my less-than-favorite car that I rarely drive than settle for less energy, brilliance, freedom and fulfillment.

With all that energy flowing freely, there’s really nothing you’ll ever need to settle for!



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