5 Feng Shui Ways To Powerfully Create Your Days!

Sep 18, 2019 | Creativity

We might not be in “control” of everything that happens all day long, but we do have a lot of creative power and choice.

Every time in my life when confronted with something big (and unwanted) and I said “I have no choice,” I can see now that I had many choices.

I just wasn’t in a state of mind and energy to see and explore and insist on my choices.

While I may not always have the optimal choice that seems the most ideal to me in every situation, there are always possibilities.

Shifts in energy, in organization and focus can help you bring more possibility to all things– and that big shift makes a big creative difference to expand your life.

I love the feeling of alignment.

I’m headed to take a nap after this to keep my energy more aligned for a big night ahead. I’m aware now, after being out of alignment for so long in my life (!), that when my energy isn’t right, I’m just not right.

The energy is everything. The energy behind everything we do is everything important.

Alignment is a word a bit more precise than balance.

Balanced suggests that things are in an equilibrium. Alignment suggests that things are in the places that they need to be to produce the optimal results.

I don’t have a “balanced” looking life from the outside looking in, but I am so aligned that I feel more balanced than ever before.

In that place of alignment, you’ll notice vast ease.

When I’m maintaining that alignment, I’m able to see and seize all the possibility in the day, every day.

Alignment helps you to stay more of the creator of your days.

— Where is your energy going during the day?

Notice where your energy starts diving in the day. Is it because you’re unfulfilled? Are you cluttered? Are things organized around you? Tired because you’re low on sleep or low on breaks or need a break?

This is my reason for lots of naps. It gets my energy back on track and helps me to clear up any disorganization that’s muddying my flow!

— How strong do you feel?

If I’m slumping, ambling along or feeling dull, I know I have something to shift to get back in alignment. Sometimes I need more food, more exercise, more art… whatever makes me feel strong at the moment is what I do!

— How magnetic are you right now?

Do you feel like you can attract all that you need, or does that attractive force feel dim at the moment. To get that energy back, I often go out to a hike or a park to get grounded and feel connected to the Earth. It’s incredibly rejuvenating.

I also take time to deeply care for my houseplants because they are energy magnets that I’ve taken into my care.

— How much fun are you having?

If it’s not fun, or at the very least, incredibly fulfilling, to do all that you do every day, more alignment can make things enormously more exciting.

When I’m lacking in fun, fun is what I do. More love, friends, family, movies, adventures… this is the stuff that puts a rosier glow on the things I don’t want to do!

— How productive do you feel?

Even when I’m accomplishing a lot, if I feel energetically out of whack, I don’t fully take stock of how much I’ve done. I start to see only the mountain that’s not done. It makes things feel… endless.

Celebration is an incredible productivity-booster. It brings light to life and it helps me to acknowledge that the journey is a part of the achievement, not just the destination.

Also, in times where I’m apt to think I’ll never get all my work done (!) I do some organizing. My desk, computer, files, banking, closet. Everything gets a freshening up, and, afterward, everything flows so much more freely!

These are some simple questions and ideas that can be your jumping off point to re-calibrate your own alignment.

There are infinite rewards to getting back into your strongest flow, and the immediate result of every step is that it will make you more and more of the creator of your days!



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