Create New Outcomes By Doing New (And Inspired!) Things!

Sep 25, 2019 | Creativity

Many of us have heard the quote commonly attributed to Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” (essentially: if we want to create new outcomes we need to do new things.)

Whether or not he actually said that, it’s an important concept.

The same actions tend to produce similar results.

What I might add to the conversation is this: 

The same actions done with DIFFERENT ENERGY BEHIND THEM can produce new results.

We can all write a detailed report of a situation in life every day and talk about the same issues. We can take the same or similar actions. Some of us might be more engaged and passionate, more emotionally invested or inspired. Some of us might treat what we need to do as an obligation or an exercise that just has to be done every day, whether we like it or not.

The results from sharing things with passion and the results from doing the same exact action without any passion are likely to be different.

Let’s get into the energetics of making more of the outcomes that we want every day!!!

You can bring new energies into your life at any and all times!

That energy shifting makes a major difference.

In an actor casting office, hundreds of actors read and perform the same exact lines. Totally same action. The energy behind those lines, and the resulting effects, are vastly different. The person who gets the job usually reads the same lines as the people who don’t get the job. The vast difference is the energy behind what becomes the winning performance. 

When you change the energy behind things, you change the outcomes.

And, also, I encourage you to try new things as well, always!

But first, start with the energy.

If your job is a series of similar actions, how can you switch it up? If you do the same fitness routine, can you bring more energy to it in a new way? If you’re eating the same diet, can you creatively bring freshness to the same foods, maybe even plating them differently?

The shift in energy can be the thing that gets you new results!

Now, there’s also the idea of doing actual new things.

I find that the energy behind selecting those new roads to travel is more important than the road chosen.

Inspiration brings you to the right paths or makes any path the right one. Intuition can throw you off the wall ideas that are actually brilliant. Curiosity and presence in the moment can open your perspective to new possibilities that lots of analyzing might have missed.

So, find new things to do that are inspired things!

Revamp your workspace with new organization, move some things around your living room, revamp a bookshelf… and get a new view.

We move differently in space when it feels really inspired.

It feels inspired when it’s full of the highest vibes.

Bring in the high-vibe brilliance at home and let your inspiration flow!!!

Here’s to all the excitement and the resulting awesome abundance you’ll find when you allow your space + life to stay fresh and full of the most creative and awesome energy!!!



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