Five Signs Your Ready For A New, Epic Chapter Of Life Where Everything Expands!

Sep 27, 2019 | Creativity

All of this is a great big YES!!!!!

All of it– the highest vibes, the most exciting feelings, seeing the improvements, feeling the tides turning in the best possible ways– is a great big YES!!!!!

I’ve written a lot about change– being open to change, making change, knowing you’re ready for change– but today that change is defined in a new way–


A new chapter where things are bigger. Creation has more reach and impact. It’s a big change in the frequency of your energy and the energy of everything around you.

You’ve outgrown where you are and you need to find some bigger shoes, so to speak. I like to call those bigger shoes: ” A LARGER ENERGETIC CONTAINER.”

When we expand our energy, we can literally CONTAIN more in our lives.

Expansion of everything becomes easier.

Some of the signs I’ve seen over the years of people (including me!) that have outgrown things are are really really ready for “bigger shoes” are not all rainbows and unicorns. Knowing these signs, however, has made the difference between saying at one level in life and the preferred alternative: soaring in major growth!

Alignment is everything that feels strong, straight and indomitable. Our energy aligns through our bodies just like the flowers pictured above. Our energy also aligns through our homes. That alignment echoes out through our entire lifestyle.

When we’re getting aligned, we’re expanding our energy in a dramatic way.

Think of a garden hose that is knotted vs. a garden hose that’s totally free of tangles and smooth. Which one would you prefer to use to effectively water your plants? Which one would you think of as the one to use to help you to produce the best harvest?

Chances are, you picked the smooth hose that water can flow through freely and abundantly. You’ll get the water you need, you can increase the water pressure when needed, you’ll know that all is in great working order.

Same goes for our energy.

So, when you’re ready for those bigger shoes (or the next level of wealth, love, wellness, knowledge, creativity or anything else) you’ve gained more alignment and you’re ready for even greater alignment.

You feel things falling into a smoother flow, and easier rhythm, a really tapped-in wellspring of prosperity… and it feels SO good!

That said, the we get signs before the breakthrough moments that are all kinds of interesting! They’ve often confused me, leaving me wondering if I was moving in a right direction, feeling a bit shaken up looking at the new.

You might feel incredibly frustrated suddenly instead of grateful for all your blessings.

I’m not ever excited to feel ungrateful, but that frustrated feeling when you’re done with things being the way that they are without growth can feel really frustrating. That anger needs to be aired, I’ve learned, or it festers and creates a lot of problems in all areas of life where that anger seeps through. It weighs things down. It creates a shaky foundation.

Air out all your frustration and get a plan in place to move forward. Wanting to actualize more of your potential is not ungrateful.

You might be drawn toward subjects, activities and places you never considered before.

This can be weird, I’ll admit. I developed a wild desire to learn so many things (permaculture, astrology, and so many more) when I was outgrowing where I was last. I was ready for new ideas that where in many ways radically different from anything I’d learned before. I didn’t know if it was worth the time, but now I see that everything I do that I love impacts my growth in all ways!

You might feel the need to change your style, cut or dye your hair ( I’ve been toying with blonde for winter for months now!), or redecorate your whole home.

Your life is a mirror of you and your alignment. When you’re coming into a new level of alignment, suddenly the curtains that were too short that were fine suddenly need to be mended because they stick out so much. The old flattened pillows need to be stuffed, rather than tossed around as “good enough.” Your closet may look like it belongs to a stranger and in some cases it does– you’ve outgrown it and it’s often better to live with less than live with an old paradigm you don’t want.

You might say NO to things you once really wanted… and realize there’s just no way you’d want it!

I thought for years that the be-all and end-all was a certain business deal. Then, it arrived. And, I said, “NO.”

I spend from 11 to 17, six years of my life, in a deep focus on going to Princeton. Then, I was accepted early, and my first reaction was… “NO.”

I turned down the biggest, most glamour-filled job in New York that was incredibly coveted without blinking an eye. “NO” was all I could say.

These things weren’t right for me, and there was something bigger and better and MORE ALIGNED.

Those moments, though, can feel so crazy. Particularly crazy when you’re telling other people about them. “I turned it down. I said NO. It felt wrong.”

Not many people could comprehend what I was doing and I’ll admit I had my share of, “What was I thinking?” moments afterward. But, no matter how good it sounds on paper, our lives are real experiences and if they’re not feeling right, they’re not all that good for us.

You might feel like, suddenly, big things that were priority are no longer even interesting.

I remember when my intense socialite-level social life was my biggest priority. I had an important event every day of the week. The fabric of my life revolved around this artist-and-fashion filled universe. It’s where I got my inspiration, my connection, my joy and even many of my jobs out of college.

I haven’t been to a club/bar/etc in years and almost forgot how much of a part of my life it was to be in the social core of it all.

My interest faded when I wanted to know myself more and run around every day much less. It no longer felt like me, as fun as it could be.

And, it left me with quite an identity crisis in that move to uplevel my life. So much of me was identified with this universe of activity. I outgrew it for what it meant to me and there I was, left wondering who I was!

It was, more than any creative risk or intuitive nudge, the greatest move toward alignment I could ever think to make. To know myself. To embrace my talents outside of a group. I still love all those people, I just don’t go out much after 11pm these days!

The point of all of this is that your own upgrading and expanding can look crazy to other people. It can seem wobbly to you. You might be surprised. It can feel so new that it’s disarming.

But… if it feels good, despite the shaking up process, you know it’s the right things and the new paradigm is emerging as you allow it into your life!



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xoxo Dana


  1. Alexa Jordan

    Great self-evaluation post. It’s given me a lot to think about.

    • danaclaudat

      I’m so happy to hear this was helpful!


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