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Oct 2, 2019 | Creativity

It’s remarkable how it works when I’m in a zone– there’s always enough time, things work out easily, even against the odds, and everything is doused in an extra layer of electric that feels endlessly rich and thrilling.

To get to that zone used to be my goal. It seemed so far away when I was cluttered, unclear and not completely self-assured .

Now, the goal is how to stay in it more of the time.

It’s all alignment.

It’s neither mystical nor esoteric. It’s not a far-away spiritual nirvana or an unattainable perfection.

It’s been for me this very clear experience: I am present, I feel great and I’m invested in everything that’s in front of me.

That’s the start of the magic zone. From there, things start to click and the momentum takes hold.

Feng Shui energy shifts can help you with the presence, the great feelings and the intention that gets — and keeps– you in the zone where manifesting feels pretty instant!

There are a few things that make this magical zone of alignment in life become a reality–

Clear intention makes it easier to show up every day with all of your senses engaged. It doesn’t matter if you walk into a day full of obstacles or a day full of ease– your clear intention helps to organize life around you.

Organization in itself is a secret-sauce when it comes to keeping your intentions strong and clear. The more organized your home is, the more clear and crisp your intentions will be! That sharpness makes all the difference between what will excite you enough to pour your heart into your work and what might sound like a good idea to set as a goal. You can probably guess which one you’re more likely to be excited about!

That takes me to another easy shift that has been life-changing–

I make sure my home has a sense of the presence I want to feel.

Meaning: if my home is a mess or I don’t like what I see or feel, I won’t want to be there.

That elevated presence is demonstrated at home in ways that are either subtle or obvious–

Subtle things can be a new natural candle, favorite foods in the kitchen, and all kinds of sensory cues.

Obvious ones include favorite colors, favorite art that’s making BOLD statements, all the big splashes that are impossible to ignore.

As I make shifts to my own space this season, they are both subtle and obvious, small and big– and no matter the size, they all have a huge impact on my own elevated presence.

Expanding horizons.

We are more aligned when we’re in a space that feels filled with freedom.

Limitations, settling, low-balling yourself and all those habits run counter to that magic-feeling alignment that most of us love.

The same goes for a home. If it feels like your home is constricting, the energy is heavy or you simply have too much stuff, take steps to clear and free all that stuff and all that stuck energy.

It will always expand your horizons, and you’ll feel better every day.

When feeling good is the goal, everything else seems to fall into place.



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