Living Your Next Level Wishes Right Now!

Oct 21, 2019 | Creativity


Being the next level is way more fun than thinking about it.

It’s something you can do right now, rather than something of in the future to long for.

It’s something that doesn’t require tearing your life apart and throwing things upside down, though you are welcome to go as big with this as you’d like!

When you Feng Shui your home in the ways that I work that depart in huge ways from everything else out there, the next level and all the manifestation isn’t hinging on luck or hope or trying to get everything right so that the universe complies. It’s actually all about right now, in the moment, choosing a new paradigm you want and deciding to live it!

If you’ve had thoughts that one day you’ll wake up and suddenly everything you’ve wanted will render your life almost magically uplifted — possibly even beyond recognition from where you are now– and think that it’s all going to happen someplace out in the future, I have good news for you:

It starts right now.

***The mindset of the “future you” that is firing on a whole new level of energy and inspiration starts today. Our brain and energy fields aren’t a fan of doing instant giant quantum leaps that are sustainable.

Right now— clear your mind to bring in the new.

Start practicing– in any ways that feel good– the mindset that makes you feel better. Start practicing even five minutes a day of mindful meditation (close your eyes and breathe and only pay attention to your breath as much as possible) to calm your mind.

You get the picture!

***The flow and ease of the “future you” that you might picture in your mind is something that didn’t happen by chance or luck. It happened with a lot of step-by-step organization and great decisions.

Right now— bring a little more flow to your days.

***The glowing vitality and increased strength of that “future you” that you might be waiting for was also not hatched in a day. It was practiced– and it’s function of chopping all the salads, meal prepping and taking the time to exercise– starting right now.

Right now— decide on more glowing choices for your strength and wellness.

This can be as easy and committing to prepping a giant container of salad greens for the week ahead or waking up 30 minutes early to go running.

***That big fortune that “future you” has that allows you to go, do, buy and give what you want without any stress didn’t just appear unless you plan to inherit it! (Even winning the lottery, arguably, involves energy preparation.) Chance are, you built it, grew it and cultivated it with choices every day!

Right now– can you find even one way to make a little extra money or spend more strategically?

My greatest strategy has been to spend generously on things that make me money in all ways — personal growth, business tools, home improvements and wellness for my whole family– and save on things that don’t. I love to cook, so it’s easy to eat at home a lot of the time. I don’t drink. I buy mostly vintage clothing and already have so much to wear.

You’ll have your own biggest needs but the idea is— make choices now that build your wealth.

***And, the dream home that “future you” lives in… that starts right now, too!

Right now– can you do one small thing to improve your home, making it look and feel better today?

Of course you can!

You can do all of these things because you are “future you” right now.

That “future you” who has it all doesn’t live out in the distance, in a hazy daydream.

This is you. Right now. This moment.

When the dream stops being out in the distance and becomes part of the now, things shift dramatically.

After all, you’ll be living the dream.




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