9 Small Feng Shui Home Upgrades That Bring More Power To Your Space!

Oct 29, 2019 | Creativity

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Contrary to the notion I once had that stellar homes were designed by designers and assembled by their teams and then things were perfect, even homes designed by interior designers don’t have a power source without your participation.

Living in a home wakes up it’s energy. Adding, shifting and changing rooms brings them freshness and dynamism. Changing things up when you’ve grown (or you’re getting ready for a growth spurt in life!) creates a new paradigm for you to live within.

All of this is done project-by-project, step-by-step, new book-by-new candle.

All of this is something you can do. Right now. Where you are.

Here are 10 of the most recent shifts I’ve made at home that have been shockingly powerful. Even after doing this for 15 years with thousands of people, I’m still amazed at the difference even the smallest changes can make!

(turn old t-shirts and fabric into plant pots on A Beautiful Mess)

Get (or make) new pots for your indoor plants and trees.

I love THIS DIY project. There are also such great pots you can find just about everywhere, but the more eco-friendly the better in my mind.

It’s such a stellar upgrade for pennies of you have spare fabric!

Put up curtain rods and awesome curtains can change a space!

My kitchen hasn’t had curtains because I felt they’d be out of place, and, instead, the kitchen feels unfinished. Curtains in any room that feels unfinished can be epic. It is extremely easy to learn to install them, and/or find help to get them up!

Steam your bedding. (Or: iron it.)

As I type this I have a burn on my hand that’s healing after days caused by my furious passion for steaming! To start: be careful when you use a steamer because the steam is basically as hot as boiling water and it burns. Paying attention is key!

I steam my bedding when it’s freshly washed, my curtains and most of my clothes. I have a hand-held steamer and a garment steamer.

After destroying many garments and fabrics with an iron, the garment steamer became my friend. HERE is more of what I do with my steamer. I think I’ll do some tiles this weekend!

While this may seem a bit “much” for the five minutes a week I spend steaming my bedding while I get my clothes ready for the week, the return on the investment of that time is colossal.

My bed looks posh. It feels cared for. The value resonates.

Re-think the mantle.

Once things are on the mantle if you have one, you likely know they can get very… old. Same-same things to see are very boring. Instead, mix up your mantle. Shuffle the photos, mix up the display and keep it fresh!

Hang a plant (or many!)

I installed one hanging plant hook and hung one plant this week. The plant is thriving like never before. The whole wall is lit up with energy.

This is easy and awesome!!!

Weekly flowers.

Get them. Pick them. Gather them.

This week I have orchids that will be with me for a long time.

I get some flowers weekly because the are space magic.

(world market)

Add art in between things.

Lots of homes have spall spaces of wall between doors, little areas of a wall beside windows and other “small wall spaces” that can get left empty.

Instead, I fill them with art of all kinds. Lately, I’m loving the wall-hangings above in a big way and I’m learning to do more macrame to make a few of my own!

Privacy Window Film.

Eco-friendly window film. If you can’t add curtains, this can be life-changing. Typically it adheres with water. It can be the game-changer for your bathroom or any room you need more privacy but can’t cover your windows any other way!

A Recycling Trash Can.

Unless you’re zero-waste already and generate zero trash– (that’s incredible and I’m on the way, step-by-step to join you)– chances are, you have a trash can inside. Yet, not everyone has a real can for recyclables inside. I’ve seen these pile up in bags under a sink, pile up on a countertop, pile up in tote bags…

A separate can for recycling is incredibly amazing!!!

Create more space.

The point of all great home shifts is creating more space.

The energy of your home expands when you add more power, and each little home upgrade you make is full of power.

Space-making on your desk, your countertops, in your cabinets…

This is the stuff that creates the greatest feelings of freedom and power.

It’s time to dive in and say goodbye to everything extra and unnecessary.

I have a bathroom cabinet, a pantry and a closet waiting for me to organize them on a higher level.

I can’t wait to get started, because each time I do this, my life changes for the better. And, it’s my hope that this happens for you, too!!!



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xoxo Dana


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