Get Incredibly Ready To Bring Incredible New Things Into Your Life!

Nov 6, 2019 | Feng Shui 101

New experiences, new jobs, new things… they are all new energy.

It’s energy that comes in to us easier when we’re really open to it and ready for it.

Getting ready is a big part of the process of making things happen.

As Abraham Hicks wisely says, “You are powerfully on your path. And you are just beginning the best part of your life.”

Today’s Feng Shui is all about this place of readiness and stepping into a larger arena in life!

I just made a few small changes in my home (spending very little money, very few new things but things that were very needed) and the effect has been so major I could barely sit still yesterday because I was so excited.

It was a blast of energy so big that it reminded me of where I started in this journey— sitting in a home I’d barely moved into 15 years ago with nothing on the walls, clutter hidden in all the places no one could see and no idea that this was a both a reflection of my big life problems and also a cause of them.

The first shifts I made back then when I was in my experimenting days (I still am always experimenting!) were so huge that they ushered me straight out of my bungalow in the Hollywood Hills, into a dream job that changed my life way before Feng Shui was my reality and also… tripled my bank account and wiped out my six-figure debt.

That was enough to keep experimenting with Feng Shui but also, it was a big big lesson for me in the energy and power of home shifting.

I had been getting ready in so many ways for a big change, but I needed my home to change to set things in big motion.

It’s why I created the blog and the Feng Shui Camps.

I wanted to give people a place to practice, to make change and constantly be able to prepare for new levels of change.

It’s all about the energy. And to allow more energy into life, it’s so incredibly effective to be READY for the change.

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Even this last round of home shifts that are already propelling me into a new dimension of creativity were something that evolved organically as I got ready to bring more energy into my life.

To get ready for big change, get your energy ready for big change.

Everything is energy.

Organize the energy.

Right now, for me, this included scheduling my life in a non-brutal way (busy is awesome, overwhelmed is not awesome). It also included taking time to prepare more for projects that are ahead, doing extra administrative work and getting more help.

What would more organization feel like right now for you? Would it mean having more time? A sorted desk? A new closet set-up? More effective kitchen storage?

All of the above and anything that comes to mind can help you to organize for big success.

Focus the energy.

I love feeling energized, but I don’t love feeling energized and unfocused. With a lot of energy and not a lot of focus, I seem to welcome distractions into my days.

A simple list of things to do or so experience can be life-changing.

How can you focus more?

Tune up the energy.

You can have a lot of energy of all different qualities or frequencies. For example, you can have a lot of anger, a lot of fear or a lot of joy.

It’s all a lot of energy. Each large quantity of energy, though, is tuned to a different vibration, picking up very different signals, sending out very different messages and attracting very different things.

The easiest tune up ever is to do more of what makes you happy, and infuse more happiness into things you love even more.

As I write this, I’m happy. But, with my little fur baby on my lap snoring, I’m even happier.

Total bliss.

No special added fancy things required.

How can you tune up the energy in your days?

Clear away what doesn’t belong in the mix of the energy.

Subtracting the unwanted is just as important as adding the wanted.

Clearing away distractions and clutter can be completely life-changing.

More focus can multiply the impact you have every day.

Adding joy can transform everything.

It’s so much fun to get ready for more success. and abundance. Every step along the way is success and abundance in action!



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I’m wishing you so much love, abundance, expansion and joy.




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