Add New Dimensions To Your Plans To Manifest Them Faster!

Nov 14, 2019 | Creativity

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I love adding more dimensions to things.

Whether it’s adding more color to a living room, adding more paint to a painting or adding more spice to food… there’s a lot of thrill to be found in the depths of things.

I bet you’d rather read a compelling book that’s full of a depth of emotions and intrigue than an instruction-manual-like straightforward story that sits of the surface of the page?

Dimension reveals itself in life in so many ways and changes the energy of art, ideas, plans, spaces, people and experiences in all ways.

One of the greatest ways I’ve been re-tuning the dimensions of my own life has also sped up so much manifesting in every day. Today’s Feng Shui is all some tuning for the dimension of your plans and goals so that they are fueled by purpose and passion!!!


New breakthroughs are everything to me. They’re the driving force in all I focus on– having new experiences, more powerful effects with clients, more awesome artistry.

When I started the blog, Consultations, the online Feng Shui Camps and then the School, I became progressively tuned to the very real impact that my ideas and recommendations could have broadly. To expand my work, I started thinking with new dimension.

A wider perspective helped my make far better decisions.

When I’m looking to add velocity to anything I want, I shape these intentions now with bigger dimensions in mind. I’ve seen this help so many people to shape their wish lists and bring their dreams to life, I hope it’s equally powerful for you!

How will it affect people you love? How will doing or getting what you want or creating the things you want to create affect those around you that are closest? Shaping your vision to have the most powerful effects for everyone you love is incredibly empowering for your dreams.

How will it affect people broadly? Meaning: is what you want to create what people want? Will it make their lives more complex? Will it be empowering? Will it promote wellness? Some trends and ideas are very fun, but the effects are not.

How will it affect the planet? The environmental effects of things are enormous. I pass on creating physical products time and time again because I don’t think I’d have a positive effect on the planet at the moment and I feel there are so many other tools to work with.

How will it impact your wellness? If you see yourself sacrificing your health or wellbeing for anything kind of an achievement, it can slow you down in making things happen. Brainstorm how you can have what you want in a manner that allows for your greatest wellness!

Will it move you closer to your big dreams? Some decisions and goals are just for fun. But, if you’re making lots of decisions and starting lots of projects that take you far away from your big dreams, it can, ultimately, be more frustrating.

Bigger question: do you have bigger dreams?

Every so often I realize my dreams are just not big enough. Recognizing this and then setting the bar higher to create the kinds of visions for myself that are both thrilling and net a positive impact for all — this is real manifesting magic!

As we approach a new year and a new decade as I write this, I’m off to take a nap before I write more of my own bigger visions for 2020!

If anything will speed up your dreams, more passion will light that fire…so aim high and fall in love with everything you’re creating!



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