Feng Shui Energy Shifts To Bounce Back From All Kinds Of Burnout

Nov 15, 2019 | Creativity

The energetics behind a state of burnout were shocking to me.

When you’re stressed, staying up all night and day, panicked and in what seems to be an endless state of this hard-firing and wired energy, it’s no surprise to many that exhaustion and burnout ensues after a while.

However, when you’re incredibly psyched, thrilled, overjoyed and creating your dreams with lots of sleep and lots of healthy foods and vitamins and burnout ensues, it can be puzzling.

In both cases, there’s one thing in common. There’s a constant energetic connection to an active go-go-go (even with plenty of sleep, as in the last example) that fills the mind, body, energy systems and even your home with “activity” and not a lot of truly spacious rejuvenation.

Having experienced both forms of burnout, and bouncing back (albeit through a long haul of rebuilding my system) from each, today I thought it could be helpful to share ideas to re-build your energy systems, bounce back from burnout and avoid heading back there again!

If you’re like me, the idea of rapid aging was enough to get me out of the “live hard ’till I burnout” cycle of life. Also worth noting, burnout (be it adrenal fatigue (more on this here) or any other form of chronic fatigue and physical sluggishness) can be the trigger for other illnesses, it can weigh heavy on the psyche and it can underly all kinds of chronic problems both mental and physical.

We need a “full tank of gas” to thrive.

Embrace more of nothing.

Do very real disconnection from all things active for long stretches of the day. I qualify “nothing” as : my mind is free-flowing and I am completely relaxed.

This includes… journalling in a flow, baths, making art, going for walks and other amazing things like for me, my spiritual practice… for you, maybe mediation or yoga or….anything else.

Bonus points if you can do this in Nature. 🙂

The point is that your energy really disconnects from the grid of usual circuits and thoughts and emotions.

For now, slash everything from your calendar that’s an extra.

You’ll know when you’re ready to add in extras and you’ll know when you’re stretching yourself too thin once you get re-fueled.

I had to recognize that even fun things could be way too much for me at times, and declining and re-scheduling was a form of self-care. It really is.

Do energetic clearing and recharging.

At a leisurely pace, you can continually refresh the energy around you.

The most basic and beneficial energy clearing there is: some leisurely housecleaning and refreshing. You can pace this easily and stay in your most refreshed state of mind.

Sage, salt and so many tools can be used to clear energy. The basics though– fresh air, freshly mopped floors, fresh laundry and the like– are incredibly powerful.

Infuse your days with variety.

A vinyl record will get worn out over time if it’s the only one you play every day, all day long. Our minds and bodies get similarly “worn out” and need to refresh.

Shake up your usual routine. Take a different walk. Wear new colors. Sit on a different chair. I know this is so basic, but it adds up to big, huge positive change!!!

Eating all day long (I’m headed to meal 3 of 6 or 7 today!), sleeping more, drinking tons of water and all the best tips to refuel and recharge are all so important, but even when I was doing it all, I wasn’t getting fully recharged,

The energetic shifts matter a lot. These little shifts in the day can support you as you restore your energy in big ways!

And: when I couldn’t get out of bed after 12 hours of sleep for a week, I knew I had to see a doctor back when my burnout was severe. Always see a doctor, always get the professional support you need mentally and physically (I do, and advocate both!), but… also… tune into the energy.

After all, everything is energy. And, that energy, when it’s rebalanced, can help you to design your dream life!



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