8 Feng Shui Ways I’ve Been Preparing For A Very Important New Year!

Nov 26, 2019 | Creativity

Every day is very important. Every moment is pure potential.

And, as we get ready for the New Year this year, it’s not just a New Year… it’s a new DECADE that’s ahead.

Gathering up the themes of the years of the last decade– the happenings, the shifts, the losses, the incredible triumphs, the loves and adventures, the lessons– it’s clear to me that I’m not the same person that I was when 2010 rolled around.

I’m willing to bet your decade-long transformation is equally epic.

If you have a few minutes to gather up the highlights and turning points of the 2010 decade, you’re likely to see the challenges in a new light, the sweeping events in new ways and your growth in rich detail.

We’ll do so much to prepare for the New Year and NEW DECADE in the weeks to come, but I wanted to start by sharing some Feng Shui that I have underway to kick off 2020 in a whole new field of energy and power… and, it’s all very simple!

(I am obsessed with getting a mini fruit tree for my balcony!)

Celebrating that list of all that’s been gained. This blog came to life in 2011. I did my first massive clients in 2010. I also had the biggest personal losses of my life and nearly died when the decade started. I can hardly type these words as I sit here in a whole new embodiment of purpose.

Time doesn’t change things. We change things. And, likely, a lot of people were synergistically linked to how things changed for the better.

I’ve been celebrating those people starting with an enormous Thanksgiving dinner, and continuing with celebrations and completed projects to help all the people who have healed me more than I could ever repay.

You are a part of those people, and I am always intending the greatest things for everyone who interacts with anything I share, even if it’s reading one blog post. All the synergy that built into a Feng Shui method, a Feng Shui School– The School of Intention— and all the online Camps throughout the year are something you created with me, and there’s no end to my gratitude.

Upgrading the tech systems. I just got a new phone, which might seem trivial, but mine was so old it was a revolution to get a new one. I don’t think of getting new technology often ( I get attached to what I have!) but when I do, it upgrades my creative flow in huge ways. I also got new audio systems, a camera and all kinds of tech organization is under way!!!

It may seem trivial, but I also have a new silicone computer keyboard cover on the way. This changes my experience of my computer tremendously, freshening it up significantly!!!

Even the simple act of cleaning and organizing your technology (zero cost involved) can make a huge difference!

Re-charging the crystals. I just did a huge energy clearing of my crystals at home, running them all under sage smoke. The next step is to charge them up significantly, and I have a plan to do that during the Full Moon on December 12th, gathering them all up to be outside for 24 hours under the moonlight. If you can’t put yours outside, put them near a window.

De-cluttering the obvious stuff. There’s a lot of stuff that, at this point, I see has become clutter. Every year, I start with 8 weeks of my own de-cluttering on a deep level in the yearly program headed into it’s 6th glorious season with many new upgrades– -The Catalyst Camp Feng Shui Home + Life De-Clutter. I save the big re-vamping projects for the Camp, and starting now, I’ve been doing basics as I donate a bag full of lovely clothes I don’t wear, use up the shampoos that are nearly done to minimize the shower product display and recycle expired makeup!

(pb teen)

Upgrading the bedroom softness. My bedroom is my sanctuary and yours is, too, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now! I just got new and spectacular silk pillows that are an upgrade in themselves. My evening treat is ordering a big new fluffy rug for the bedroom. And, super-soft velvet bedding. And, I’m planning to make new art for the bedroom, too. It won’t be done until the Holiday Season is well-underway, but it will be done!!!

Even a tiny tweak to your bedroom, like organizing your nightstand displays, can be a big shift in energy!

Vitamins + supplements on order!  

I’m very excited to get my multivitamin today after running out weeks ago. Running out of things that have a big impact on my energy is a big sign that it’s time to stock up on energy in all ways! I have a list of supplements from Medical Medium that are high on my list to try (B12 liquid, silica for nail strengthening, vitamin C + zinc liquid) and many to stock up on that I already love (barley grass juice powder, chaga mushroom powder, pitaya powder and thyme, rosehips and hibiscus teas). I’m creating a whole shelf in my pantry for lots of this as it’s been restoring me after a big burnout a few years ago to levels of energy I don’t think I’ve ever had!

While you don’t need to be as specific or prolific as me in this department (*I have a very specific aim with all this stuff, to eliminate the last traces of Epstein Barr from my system), it’s always great to stock your pantry with wellness for the year ahead. A vitamin, herbs, teas, anything that fuels your wellness is something amazing!

New Trees. Above, you’ll see a picture of just one of the mini fruit trees I want, but I will start with just one. I think lemons come first. I’m also grabbing a big, lush Money Tree and two wreaths full of herbs for my house!!!

How can you boost the greenery around you in 2020? Every little bit of growing freshness counts!

A balcony boost! Not only is my balcony getting lemons, it’s also getting a new rug to compliment the candles, table and lush succulents that are growing there.

You can boost your balcony with solar LED lights, ribbons, bean bags, rugs, a full-scale patio garden…. the sky’s the limit!!!

These are just eight of the recent projects to strengthen the energy, flow and excitement as the new year (and decade) approaches. It’s my hope that they inspire a few projects that you can complete to start a fresh year with fresh vibes!

As I mentioned, there’s a whole lot more to come before 2020, so let’s dive in and get ready!



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xoxo Dana


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    Thanks Dana! You’re awesome. I keep recommending you to friends and family

    • danaclaudat

      thank you so much Mona! YOU are awesome!!! Happy New Year!!!


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