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Dec 7, 2019 | Prosperity


A friend sent me a message that he’s been only considering and bringing into his life that things that keep his light shining bright. It’s one of his biggest success secrets.

That was a lightning bolt moment.

I have pretty exceptionally happy days overall, but then there are the moments that have come far too frequently as of late where I think… “Why did I start the day looking at my email/ Instagram/Facebook before I did my spiritual practice, before I did things to fill me up?”

It’s almost like I deliberately clip my energetic wings and hold myself back with these small and yet stunting habits.

Do you have these habits that sort of cloud or scramble your days, sink your mood or distract you into a spin?

Today’s Feng Shui is all about looking at what’s being allowed to enter every day of your life!

Have you ever asked yourself the question:  how do I create the biggest transformation?

There’s been a lot of mind-clearing exercises happening. My mind was not lacking ideas, it was lacking space. By cutting down on excess reading, listening, watching and the like and spending time closer to spirit, things are starting to crystalize.

You might want to clear your mind for a while before making big decisions or discerning your best steps forward. In all that clear space, you’ll bring more of your “knowing” of the right steps forward.

Harmonizing with the Earth.

As I have, more often than not lately, been waking up at 10:30 and sleeping after 2:30pm, my sleep schedule is getting the biggest update. While I’m super-well-rested and feel great physically, I miss the added sparkle of the early morning. This is what I consider my “creative mode”– up late, up late– and it’s ceasing to be ultra-creative.

If you’re looking to change your sleep schedule, THIS can be wonderful. I will be doing this in the week ahead– resetting my food clock– so I’m back up before sunrise and more in harmony with the Earth.

Being in harmony with Nature isn’t just a nice idea to talk about. When you’re in that harmonious place, as you may know, it feels like everything just “works” better in life!

Speak life into more magical existence.

Words have power.

See above at the very top of the post for the simplest ideas to start the day in this speaking of dreams into reality.

Are you apt to complain? Worry out loud or even in silent?

How can you speak more of your energy into a magnetic place every day?

Minding physical energy.

How can you be more consistent or more conscious about the choices made all day to fuel your personal energy?!

I’ve been set on bringing back my favorite supplements that I’ve tried this year (*I’ll do a post on this handful of super-nutrient goodies that have brought lots of light to my days) and taking them consistently. I’m also eyeing a 28 day Medical Medium body reset that I will definitely share as I go.

I’ve also had a more updated exercise routine building slowly but surely. (Dear weights sitting on the rack at the gym, ohhhh I am so ready to learn to work with you properly!)

I don’t look at this stuff as work or necessity or anything else that’s stressful. I’ve come to see all of this as life expansion and an opportunity to be more powerful.

What’s coming INTO your house?

Who’s coming in? What’s coming in?

Whether you decide to get yourself off of junk mail lists, set hours for visitors so that unexpected guests don’t make your days go sideways, set a rule about what types of products you’ll purchase, all of it is a big deal.

I’m even aware of the energies now that come along with the books I buy. I’ve donated more books this year than anything else because they just were not in sync with my life any more.

Your home mirrors your life.

What you let in will often show up in what get’s “let into” your energy field.

You want to make sure it’s aligned with your values.

You want to make sure it’s wanted.

And, you want to make sure, most of all, that it’s full of energies that support you in thriving every day.

All of the above– and/or anything that fuels your feeling of personal magic– is something to cultivate.

The simple shifts that are done regularly will help you to build greater expectations and see greater results every day. What starts out as small steps can leave you speechless after a season when you see the evolution…!!!



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