Decide Right Now That Negative Energy Can’t Enter Your Life!

Dec 12, 2019 | Creativity

We get to decide what can and can’t enter our life in so many ways. It’s an incredible power that I certainly didn’t make the most of for the majority of my adult life, and when I reclaimed that very simple power, it changed everything.

While we can’t control everything that happens all day long, we can open or close the doors to the energy we allow into our lives in many ways.

It can be the key to creating a life that exceeds your wildest dreams. And, it’s incredibly easy to do.

There are so many ways that we can open ourselves up to unwanted energy.

Anything that weakens our energy field (the actual, measured electricity that animates, energizes, magnetizes and supports us every day, often called an “aura” or “auric field”) opens the door to this unwanted energy.

While this is not even remotely a complete list, many of these things include: a big sleep deficiency, not drinking enough water or eating enough, drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs (even the ones that some believe expand their consciousness), being immersed in bad news or negative messaging, gossip, complaining, constant worry and so much more.

And, once you have some heavy energy in your life, the cycles of doing things like not sleeping well or feeling overwhelmed can seem to perpetuate themselves.

This energy can flatten your momentum, crush your creativity and cause you to worry/ wait/ hope/ search far outside of yourself, very ironically, for inner peace.

No matter how long you’ve felt stuck in a cycle, there’s always a way to end it and reclaim your power.

While we can talk about shifting all the habits above and so many more, those are usually a symptom, not the actual cause.

About five years ago when I was more burned out than I’d ever been in the midst of “living my dreams” I hit a wall. I didn’t feel I had any agency in my life. I said yes to everything. I told myself that my self-care was the fact that I was doing such inspiring work and being of service to tons of people and incredible numbers or homes. I couldn’t even put my phone down, I could barely sleep I and I was hardly seeing the rewards of all this work.

My friend who is a massive inspiration, running circles around most people at 81 and starting new businesses left and right, intervened when she saw me sitting in my car in a parking lot, crying my eyes out.

Right now in my present-day life, I’m decluttering every speck of clutter from my house and I came across the paper she used to write out a solution to my problem.

The paper says very clearly:


A short list of actions followed that line, none more important that “STOP LYING TO YOURSELF.”

That day, she explained that I’d been lying to myself about how powerful I am and how she’s seen people do it their whole life.

She also explained that I’d been lying to myself about how committed I am to having a great life and how committed I am to success.

After all, no one committed to having a great life would willingly put themselves in very last place in their life every single day, right?

Everyone is super powerful.

I realized during that unforgettable conversation that I needed to call my power back to me, to step into it and use it to create the life I actually envisioned .

I had to shut the door on all the heavy energy I was allowing into my days every single day as I gave away my power in the name of “doing good things in the world.”

I was allowing that heavy energy in every day, and I was DONE.

Now, it would be great if this story ended with my complete transformation in that moment. It did not. It took practice every single day, all day long to break my habits.

My To-Do list now started with exercise, spiritual practice and amazing food in the morning. Just about every day for several months I found reasons to attempt to skip it. But, remembering that conversation in the parking lot, I kept taking the steps.

I felt so much better. It was quite instant.

When I felt my mood dive or my day become frantic, I would still get upset, but I shook it off faster and faster.

All this practice wasn’t just in the service of “self-care” for the sake of it.

It actually made my energy field stronger. I didn’t pick up heavy energies everywhere I went. I brought in enormous opportunities without “doing” anything. My ideas were brighter. My voice felt more clear.

It started with one decision: I was done allowing things into my life that I didn’t want.

And, still, to this day, years later, I renew that decision all the time.

It’s led me to new nutrition, new ways to schedule my days, new commitments to myself and my art, a business that’s multiplied wildly, almost no stress and, while I never drank much alcohol, I won’t even have a sip now for years.

Everything leveled up as my energy became stronger.

We’re never going to be short on all kinds of energies to experience. But, it’s amazing to know that you have a choice as to which ones you want to bring home and hold onto.

Make the decision that you’re done will all the energies you no longer want.

Then, keep making that decision all day long, every day.

And, in the process of creating this new paradigm of feeling better and living better in your own ways, I highly recommend clearing clutter from the rest of your life.

Clutter, after all, is energy that you’ve been settling for that weighs down your whole life. And, there’s no settling now!



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