Uplevel The Energy Behind Your Intentions!

Dec 15, 2019 | Prosperity

Stronger energy. Bigger aims. Brighter days. Living inside your manifestations.

That’s what I see now: a time of leaping to a new level in all ways.

I just got a Moon Manifestation gift box and I’ve been playing with all the ways I can harness even more moon energy every month. Then, of course, it because clear that there’s a moon every day, there’s all the same energy and opportunity and power and, so, it was time to step up my personal intention.

In the process it felt like something I had to share with you ASAP!

Stronger determination to see the outcomes you want.

Things start with a decision. This is where it all begins.

When I say “strong determination” I’m not talking about forcing things, obsession or anything else that feels “difficult.”

The idea here is to have more focus, more grounding within yourself and more willingness to stretch yourself a bit into new territory.

If you’ve never been paid as an artist and you’d like to have that be a part of your life, you’ll be walking into uncharted land. It might not all feel “super-simple” because we need challenges to grow. (You should have seen my learning curve 9 years ago to learn to post articles on this blog, OMG) But, when you’re ready for that next level, you’re going to roll with things with more ease and personal grace.

How can you start being even more determined?

— Take new classes to learn what you need to know.

— Develop a practice that helps you to focus. Going to the gym and doing a challenging aerobic workout 5 days a week has brain science behind it.

— Remind yourself all day long of the amazing things in your life and the excitement of all your creativity!

Bigger aims.

Small steps to reach big goals are incredibly empowering. Big steps to reach small goals are often both intimidating and un-motivating.

Aim as high as possible. If your goals don’t feel exciting they’re not the goals for you.

I’ll tell you I set the bar too low for myself this year in several ways and I noticed a steep drop off of momentum in a few areas of my life. I can also tell you there’s absolutely no way I’m doing that again!

Brighter energy.

The energy behind what you do matters the most. I’ll leave this quote from Esther Hicks here that says pretty much everything on this topic of energy and our life’s path:

“Everything is unfolding perfectly, and as you relax and find ease in your attitude of trust, knowing that well-being is your birth right, amazing things will happen. Things the likes of which you have not seen before.” 

Living inside of your manifestations.

The greatest satisfaction comes from amazing outcomes. I used to feel such a lift from “things” but, as I sit and stare at a brand new gorgeous handbag that I haven’t bothered to use, I can tell you that I’m way more interested in the experiences of brilliant outcomes. Things are great but creativity is so thrilling!

If you want to live inside of your manifestations, living within a space that wholly supports your dreams, try a little Feng Shui in this very intentional, entirely unique and totally empowering way!

And, to kick things off, start clearing clutter from all of life.

It will make your focus sharper, your energy buzzing higher and it will help you to manifest in major ways.

There’s nothing to me that’s quite as instantly rewarding as eliminating what you don’t want from your space and feeling the dazzling potential (and room for the new!) take it’s place!

Stronger energy. Bigger aims. Brighter days. Living inside your manifestations.

It’s all lightning bolts of inspiration and the wildest fun ahead!



P.S.: If you have a passion for Feng Shui and life-changing Design, details to become a Feng Shui Pro in The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification are HERE.


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