Feng Shui To Supercharge Your Plans!

Dec 19, 2019 | Creativity

It can be incredibly fun to supercharge your plans. 

Did you ever hear of creating 1000 paper cranes and, at the end, your wish will be fulfilled?

What I love about it is that there is a deliberate practice of folding each crane from small sheets of paper. It’s sort of an artistic prayer repeated over and again until 1000 are done.

This is a beautiful way to think about re-affirming your intentions and practicing your plans in action.

Planning is often considered key to having more success in all ways. Supercharge your plans with more energy and you’ll see the power of those plans with greater dimension. 

And, if you’ve planned before and put lots of thought into all your plans and they were less-than-helpful, you are not alone.

I’ve made incredible plans and not seen them take flight. In fact, I’ve found myself- in tedious and anxious ways- trying to dissect why these things I planned for never happened, which, after becoming stressed, only wasted more time.

Today’s Feng Shui is a more comprehensive or holistic way to make changes, build new things and see more certain results as you go. It’s planning that’s been supercharged.

supercharge your plans

(i love my passion planner!)

Make sure you want it.

While I’m pretty ruthless about only doing things that I have a passion for, I managed to get swayed by “bright shiny things” that were not on my path. They popped up as opportunities that I once wanted and I went along with them.

Quickly, each of the three revealed themselves to be uninteresting. Other people had done them, they seemed like a “good idea” but… they were not my dreams.

As a result I diverted energy from things I really wanted but felt were less practical or important. Especially some of my personal goals.

I’m grateful that I managed to stop them from going too far, but it was a needless distraction.

Not gonna happen again!

Determine what you really want. There may be a multitude of ways to attain these things and you may try a few or many or just stick with one, but your eyes will be on the real prizes.

This is intensely powerful.

(this may be my new plant and bookshelf from Urban Outfitters)

Make lots of space for it.

Deeply decluttering your home and life is the foundation of all lasting success that I’ve ever seen. It’s powerful and so much fun!

Let go of considerations about how things will be received and determine you’ll be giving your 100,000% no matter what people say.

What do I mean?

You can’t micromanage how people will respond to your new paintings, your new job, your new routines or path in life, so keep those thoughts out of your planning. Don’t reel in your creativity to be in a safe place where you’ll do OK. Doing OK as your greatest achievement is not going to fulfill you in the long run, and you’ll likely lack motivation to even get started.

Instead, aim for your most true self-expression.

People ask me why I haven’t published a traditional book yet and one big reason is that I haven’t tried, even though I’ve turned down three deals brought to me so far. The other, and the really big one, is that I need to have control over my creative voice. My spelling and punctuation can be edited, but my ideas can not.

(Note: if you’re a publisher or a book agent open to working with me on a book where my creative voice can be free, I am so thrilled to meet you!)

(I love this vision board from the celebrant directory)

Be as creative as you can with your plans.

Use color. Add pictures. Wildly brainstorm.

These are the plans that you’ll be thrilled to reference all year long.

By the way, you may want to get a notebook (I use a giant-giant sketchpad) devoted strictly to making plans and mapping out projects. The more space you have to break down big projects into steps, visualize them, expand on them and make them even more tangible the better!

Keep clearing space as you bring them into action.

Clearing isn’t a one-time thing.

It’s a habit.

You’ll likely encounter a messy or confusing situation or two, some clutter of old beliefs or emotions that were not acknowledged, some other old stuff that you don’t want or need… and all that stuff stops the flow.

Keeping the desk clear, your mind clear, your closets clear, your calendar crystal clear… and on, and on… creates room for big growth.

The more you clear as a habit, the less you’ll ever see things pile up that you don’t want. Your ideas will flourish. You’ll feel more creative. You’ll have more energy. And… it will be amazing!



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