The Numerology Of 2020 And Expanding Your Life!

Dec 31, 2019 | Feng Shui 101

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In 2020 we launch into a 22/4 Universal Year in Numerology and the themes are so perfectly aligned with the practical (yet, magical-feeling) ways to make your dreams come true.

You may already know that I believe in utterly unlimited possibility, and by no means do I live by astrology, numerology or anything else. The themes, however, can be illuminating. Especially when they all come together seamlessly. In this year of Earth element, grounded power, organization and opulence on every level, the Numerological energy couldn’t be more compatible!

Given my personal Golden Rules and beliefs in the infinite possibility, I only look to experts who use these modalities (astrology, numerology, etc) in the most empowering ways. In this case, my sister, Nicole Claudat, is the only Numerologist I look to. She also believes and lives in the unlimited, her intuition is off-the-charts and the results of her work with people brings them greater empowerment and energy every single time with zero negative predictions or limitations or superstition.

It’s a year of building, growing, expanding, mastering and living with the strongest personal integrity, among other things! And, without further ado Nicole’s Numerology for 2020 is here for you!


The 22/4 Universal Year is here!

According to numerology,  all numbers carry energy and possess qualities much like the characteristics and traits of our personality.  The Universal Year is one of the many cycles in numerology consisting of nine stages of development, denoted by the numbers 1-9, and depending on the form of numerology you adhere to, they include the energy of the master numbers 11, 22 and sometimes 33.  

The difference in the Universal Year from all other cycles is that it serves as a back drop of energy that will have influence, meaning and energetic effects for the entire planet as a collective, instead of a specific, personal significance.  

When we pay attention to the themes occurring universally, we are able to step into a place of  alignment with these universal forces and we are able to utilize this universal energy and maximize our potentials for evolution and growth. 

We are coming out of the energy of 2019 which was a 3 Universal Year.  It was a time for personal growth and expression.  It was a time to take advantage of being light and social, of meeting new people – of understanding yourself within the context of others.  The Universal Year of the 3 fostered creative expression, inventiveness and innovative ideas.

In 2020 we are stepping into a 22/4 Universal Year.   This is the time to create a solid foundation for your dreams, to provide support and structure for what you would like to create in your life.  It is a time for careful planning, organization and carving out time to devote to the achievement of what your desire

With the master number 22 as an energetic influence, this is a time to become a master builder of your goals through dedication and efficiency. 

Organization:  This is a time to work within the energy of organization so that you can perform optimally.  Organizing your home, your office, keeping a planner to organize your time will all help streamline your days, so you will spend less time trying to find and plan for things, and more energy directed towards building and nurturing what you are trying to build and establish in your life. 

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Building Foundations and Planning:  The number 4 symbolizes the platform you are building to base your future upon.  This a time of laying down the base structure for everything you would like to construct and build .   This could be building a career, building your relationships or quite literally building a home.    

How solid are your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual constructs?  This is also a time to strive to build balance and strength in all 4 of these areas.   

Getting Grounded and Rooted:  While some numbers are more spiritual in their energetic essence, the number 4 represents the first steps of bringing our wishes and dreams to life in the physical plane.  It carries the vibration of the material, physical and tangible.  

As this is the time to lay the roots to carrying our desires through to fruition, it is also an ideal chance to be very “real” and honest with ourselves, and assess our plans for this with objectivity.  No frills. No fudging the truth. 

What will it take to get to point A to point B?  What will be needed, despite how much work will be involved, to truly actualize your dreams?

Morality and Personal Integrity:  We all have an inherent moral compass, a built-in intuitive knowingness of what is right and what is wrong.  This knowingness may come in the form of a sinking feeling in your stomach or a whirlwind of confusing thoughts spiraling in your mind.  Whatever the signifier, it is crucial that during this time you go above and beyond to stay true to your own moral code and not violate your own personal rules and the rules that govern the land (wherever you may live.)

There is something freeing and liberating about doing the right thing, even when no one is looking and we have little chance of getting caught in the act.  Our subconscious is porous and sponge-like and whether or not you are consciously thinking about it, violating your own moral code can carry sublimated energetic weight.  When there’s much work to be done, and so much foundation-building being done, it’s important to operate with a clean, clear conscious. 


Efficiency and Mastery: Efficiency comes with organization, orderliness and structure so things can get accomplished easily.  

How can  you operate more efficiently?  Take a look at how you are currently operating and see if you can improve upon your methods . 

Mastery comes to people who put in the work and devote their time and energy to developing a skill.  This level of skill comes with dedication and repetition. 

What would you like to gain mastery over in your life?    This year it is particularly important to show up for yourself and others and follow through with what you say you are going to do…to see things through to completion.

Have fun with these themes and Happy New Year to Everyone! 


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