2020 Feng Shui For A Year Of Major Abundance, Creativity And Joy!

Jan 2, 2020 | Creativity, Prosperity


Like walking through endless tunnels lined with thousands of flowers, this year is lush and overflowing with abundance.

Every year is, actually! But the cosmic themes of 2020 from astrology, numerology and even the lunar calendar are all on board with this being a year of major abundance, and the Feng Shui this year is all about that!

P.S.: The Cash Camp is coming soon, so perfectly in tune with the Lunar New Year and a fresh start in power!

Eight weeks of fortune- building feng shui to get your money in order & your wealth growing starts in March.

And… the FREE intro video series to break down three of the big blocks to money in your space & your life kicks things off.  

HERE’s where to go to get started! (xoxo!) 




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