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Jan 13, 2020 | Creativity, Prosperity

Yes to all of the new that’s on the way!

If you’ve been trying to make a big change for a long time, I know this may strike a chord and prompt a very justified sigh.

“Another, “You can do it!” post about nothing that works.”

“Another person who doesn’t understand that no matter what I do I can’t change some things.”

“Another thing that will fail to make a difference.”

While I don’t want to over-hype a blog post as the answer to all things that seem to persist as problems, I will say that I’ll share four things that I did consistently to go from “nothing works” to “everything works out for me.”

I rarely address the fact these days that most of my adult life was failure to make change, failure to manifest, failure despite how insanely hard I worked. And, when these four big ideas came into my life everything didn’t change overnight, but it changed for real and for good.

I just got these books as a gift from the master of book publishing and strategy (you must know her if you want to write books!) Honorée Corder. They were both an example of a great looking book series that’s self-published and they’re a topic by Holly Alexander that Honorée knew that I’d dig.

Before I even crack them open (I plan to read and do the actions in these all week or month long because I see all gifts as messages in some way!) I realized something amazing when the package arrived:

Everything really is possible.

After turning down four super-not-for-me book deals that had me thinking “ugh, it’s not for me” about book publishing, I finally got my hands on a book series that is a starting point to think about what I can do on my own.

The answer is clear:

Everything really is possible.

In some areas of life we can slip a bit and start feeling like: the ship has sailed, I missed the boat, I’ll never get picked, I am not meant to do this, where is my good luck?

All of those feelings of being the “effect” of life bring us into a mindset and state of energy where we can only play the game with cards that are dealt to us by others.

I’d rather get my own cards and start my own game.

After years that I alluded to above where I failed at making myself into a super-person, believing that I was washed up, broken in ways I was determined to uncover and completely miserable, I had many personal wake up calls.

A wave of illness, six figure debt and total life demolition so big (and a long time in coming) stopped me in my tracks.

It took a year and a half to completely heal, wipe out all my debt and flip the script.

I didn’t wake up one day and manifest it all, but it came fast when I stopped believing that life was out of my hands. I stopped chasing other people’s rainbows. I started doing what I wanted with my time.

Taking responsibility for everything.

This is where it started. And it doesn’t mean I blamed myself. It means I was able to see that for whatever reason everything in my life was my responsibility.

In Buddhism, it’s called karma. It’s really not good or bad. It just is. And when you want to transform it, you first need to take responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions.

Checking my own thoughts, words and actions I realized I spent more time tearing myself apart than anything else. While it was a daily practice to upgrade these thoughts, words and actions, along with my daily Buddhist practice, it was 100,000% worth it.

Because it wasn’t instant, I had to acknowledge every single forward step I made. Catching myself veering off into self-bashing, noticing my energy dive, realizing when I was being self-destructive…. and, soon, steering toward much more interesting topics.

I thought I’d get my PhD at this point and teach Art History, but life had other plans for me that popped into my life and led me to here.

Immersing myself in what I truly need and want. All day long. All the time.

I surround myself with what I want.

Whether it’s plants or art, wellness, personal breakthroughs or creative inspiration, love or money… it’s all states of energy that you can immerse yourself in. All day long.

If you’re immersing yourself in something you really don’t want, it’s not that awesome. That’s a lot of work.

Let yourself do what you truly want and things are so much easier!

I decide what stays in my life.

I used to be lazy-minded and lax about this and allow unwanted things into my day. I’d make excuses, “feel bad for” people who drained my energy and otherwise let myself be a doormat.

I’d call it “being social” or “being a good person.”

It was neither.

This philosophy helped me to gain stability in all ways. I felt strong again. I felt grounded. I was no longer afraid of “bad vibes.”

None of the bad vibe stuff is invited to settle in at my house.

How I feel is the point of it all, and I can feel the success right now!

I lived my life waiting. And, then, I stopped waiting.

I bought myself a house full of plants and weekly flowers even though I wasn’t swimming in cash. I went to the events. I signed up for the lectures. I took the classes. I fixed up my house. I got deep into self-care. I had and still have incredible adventures. I learned Feng Shui and created a method of doing it that suited me better.

I did these things before I had extra money, extra time or extra “support” from others.

Being so sick taught me not to wait to be happy. Had I allowed myself to be happy, after all, I wouldn’t have ever been so sick. (It was 99% caused my stress.)

Being happy now is the magic, and every happy moment will help you to manifest so much more.




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