One Essential Quality To Build A Life Full Of Success!

Jan 20, 2020 | Creativity

If you’ve ever heard of Simon Sinek, the brilliant writer and speaker who deconstructs and pinpoints the attributes of success, you may have heard of this exercise. I had the pleasure of sitting in a small room when he was pretty unknown 10 years ago and hearing an electric speech.

I admire when someone is as electric to an audience of 20 as he is to 20,000. This was a big turning point for me and I’m so glad he brought 100% to that hour. It’s proof of consistency, and we’re going to talk about that today.

He asked us to ask several close friends what qualities in us they admired most. The result, according to him, will give you insight into your life’s purpose.

To my shock and dismay, my friends all said one thing in common: “you are consistent”.

It wasn’t the most thrilling adjective, but now I see that by embracing this one quality instead of labelling it as boring and monotonous (!) like it sounds, I was able to stop feeling like a professional dabbler and start building things that were meaningful in my life.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about putting an end to forcing things and slogging through confusion, embracing the flow of consistent successful actions!

A lot of people quit long before they hit the finish line because they lost their stride forward for a multitude of reasons. Barring emergencies, the most consistent reason people tell me that they quit (or want to quit) on their dreams is that they’re frustrated and they’re trying everything and it’s not working.

What would happen if, instead of being frustrated and looking for all the methods and tricks and keys to success you started with some successful actions and stayed totally consistent as long as things were improving, even if it was slowly improving?

That’s a “long game” philosophy, building things that last.

You may not make a million dollars tomorrow, but you may, instead, make many millions over a satisfying ride of providing brilliance to yourself and the world.

We can all be consistent far more easily with the things we don’t have to force. Force is the opposite of flow. It builds frustration. It builds creative blocks. It’s when we see procrastination build and clutter start piling up.

People tell me it’s hard to stick to rigid diets because it’s not possible to be consistent in that kind of restriction. One can only force themselves for so long. It’s really hard to be consistent going to the gym and doing exercise that isn’t enjoyable at all. If I have ever been swayed to start a business project that I wasn’t deeply interested in, I can’t force myself to get it done.

Not only that, but chances are you like going to restaurants where the food is consistently good. You probably appreciate visiting consistently good museums or watching movies from directors and actors that “never disappoint.” We love knowing that our certain brand of sneakers will always be amazing. And, if the consistency drops out, so does our loyalty.

Consistency is a magic success quality.

If you want to build more consistency in your life—

Get rid of the things you’ve been forcing yourself to do in the name of growth or personal development. Find replacements that are incredibly fun.

Embrace a schedule of some sort, or, at least, plan your days even if it’s a new schedule every day.

Declutter your home. It creates a lot of space in your life to be more in “flow.”

Develop long-term goals and embrace the smallest steps toward them. More “long game” in your life puts things in perspective.

Embrace innovation, but… only innovate where it feels incredibly right to do it, but don’t throw away your successful actions! I don’t drink soda but I remember the insanity of the Coke company changing it’s classic formula in the 80’s. It was a story told to me over and over as people cherished their normal soda and did not want anything to change. The new Coke formula didn’t last long and is now long gone.

And, embrace your consistency. Show up 100% for 1 person or 100 people, always deliver for yourself and others, and love who you are!

It’s one of the less stressful and most powerful ways of creating success– being incredibly true to you.



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  1. Helen Kornblum

    Just so needed this! Thank you always, Dana, for your consistent, committed, loving and expert support for us all.

    Big hug to you,


    • danaclaudat

      you are always welcome Helen!!!


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