Feng Shui Tips To Make Your Busy Days More Inspired And Brilliantly Productive!

Jan 28, 2020 | Creativity, Prosperity

When I have a lot to get done and I don’t know where to begin and can barely confront the idea of doing anything, I know my energy is off.

It doesn’t mean I’m immersed in “bad vibes” or something is affecting me that I have no control over.

That’s how I once felt some time ago. I believed that the forces of Nature were against me and I had to do all I could to fight off the bad stuff that was endlessly popping up in my life.

Fighting the bad stuff put my energy squarely on the bad stuff and that was a good way to create a theme of “Why is this happening to me?!” in my life.

I was generating fear and negativity all day long.

You may feel the same, because, after all, we’re bombarded with things to read, to do, to experience, to comment on, create and achieve at lightning speed every day and it can feel like life is “happening to” us.

Luckily you can reverse that flow right now and start “happening to” life! And, in times those times where you don’t know what to do next, where to begin or how to move forward to complete what needs to be done, you can tap into endless inspiration and power every day to make it happen!

Start very simply, focusing in on what is most important right now.

My days are so full that if I think about what I have to do for the rest of the day I know what will happen:

I would be tempted to take a nap and forget about everything else, letting pile up “for later.”

That strategy didn’t work so well for me!

Neither did panicking or calling people to freak out about what I have to do. I found that it also wasn’t helpful to pretend that I could do things quickly that actually take hours to do properly. I’d be up all night and slogging along without any inspiration, endlessly feeling “behind” because there was so much work to do.

Simple is my best way.

Right now, this post is my priority. My whole mind is engaged. The fact that there are things to do later comes later. All of my energy is here right now. If I’m doing something, I’m doing it full-on.

See if you’ve been letting yourself get thrown by the enormity of your to-do list and taken way from being centered and powerful.

When you show up completely for the task at hand, whether it’s washing the dishes or writing a business proposal, you’ll always find energy for the next thing.

Trust in the momentum you’re creating!

(I’m obsessed with learning to bullet journal!)

Give yourself time to get inspired.

You might even want to make a list of simple things that inspire you.

Maybe it’s a brainstorm with colleagues over tea? Time to do some yoga? Playing with your pets?

I have a long list of things– from naps to books, spiritual practice to journalling exercises– that inspire me. Sometimes it’s good old-fashioned snacks. A list of easy things can be your anchor when the day feels like it’s getting the best of you.

More creativity blasts through procrastination, obstacles and the feeling like you’ve got to force yourself to make it through things.

Inspiration is a not-so-secret success secret.

When I’m sitting in one place for too long and feeling tension build, I know that nothing good will come of what I’m doing. When I take an hour out of the day to go for a walk, I know I’m on the right track to do something I’m excited about.

Pay attention to what you pay attention to.

When I first sat down to type this, I had my attention on a pile of full notebooks I haven’t recycled yet that were sitting beside me, as well as a package I need to return to the store later today. I had to move them so I could write.

They are ready to be dealt with after this.

Deep focus is something I used to lack in my life. Now, it’s the only way I can operate. Well, to be more clear, I can operate without deep focus but the things I do are just not that impressive and feel like a waste of time.

Wasting time is far more costly than wasting money.

Gather up your focus by clearing away distractions and eliminating anything from your line of sight that’s grabbing your attention and bringing you stress.

Same goes for digital things: dump the distractions.

I’ve had enough of social media today. A short time of meaningful interactions is what makes it brilliant. A long time of aimless scrolling makes it mind-numbing.

You know the difference.

A simple shift away from the draining stuff can be the biggest boost to your brilliance.

And: you are brilliant!

Acknowledge how talented and awesome you are and how much you deserve to enjoy and care for your ideas, yourself, your home and your life.

Have amazing days creating things you love!



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