10 Reasons To Practice The Power Of Your Influence

Feb 2, 2020 | Creativity

I’ve heard this question thousands of times:

“Do you know how powerful you are?”

I’d always think, “Sure, yes, omg, of course!” and I’d then trail off in my mind to all the ways I just had forces working against me, I had issues to overcome, I had…

I had a lot of very active energies (from excuses to circumstances) that were letting me know that I couldn’t be that powerful… yet.

While I thought that I could just keep on my way and suddenly more of my power would emerge, the opposite happened:

I collected more circumstances, habits, patterns and excuses/reasons to wait longer… to not have the right timing, to sit back, to do it later…

It wasn’t until I started practicing the power of my influence over my own life– often known as intention– that I stopped stopping myself.

Practicing your power will make you so much more confident, radiant and ready to dive into everything you love, want, need and dream of right now!

When you practice your intention you become more CAUSE rather than EFFECT of life.

The more you practice setting intentions and committing to them the more you’ll be sitting squarely in the driver’s seat in life.

When you’re seeing even the smallest results from your focus, you become more excited to do more.

Positive feedback can be the ultimate in encouragement. When I started practicing intention (or when I revisit more practice if I’ve gone a bit soft with it) I start with small things like deciding I’ll have the perfect parking spot or I’ll find the exact thing I need at the perfect price while shopping. Whatever it is, no matter how small, I commit fully and see the feedback from the universe.

When you practice anything (positive or negative, it doesn’t matter) it will become more second-nature.

Practice makes things automatic. You likely had to practice the alphabet hundreds of times in school and I’m sure you can recite your alphabet pretty simply. If you’ve been driving for a while, you don’t have to think of each mechanical step by now. You know how to drive. It’s second-nature.

Practice also improves your skill and accuracy.

If you’re learning to do anything, more practice will make you that much more genius. There’s no end to practice. Even though I’m a ‘Feng Shui Master’ I practice every single day and the learning and growing never stops in my method of Feng Shui.

You’ll find that practicing your intention will become more personal. You’ll become more clear, more aware of your emotions and more aware of what you truly want. You’ll see it reflected back to you in your results!

You’ll start expecting greater outcomes which, in turn, creates greater outcomes.

We get what we expect far more frequently every single day. This is science.

Your confidence will grow as you see your strength demonstrated every day.

When you’re getting better and better and anything, you’ll feel it. It will echo from you as deep confidence. It inspires the confidence in everyone around you, too.

It becomes easier to take big creative risks and trust yourself.

It’s way easier to dream big and follow you’re instincts when you deeply, truly, viscerally believe that you know how to make things go right.

You’ll be able to reach further with your messages when you’re grounded in your power.

We can hang back, more express ourselves as clearly and not wish to be as visible when we aren’t sure that we can create life in positive ways. You may not be able to control everything that happens every day, but you’ll dream bigger and risk bigger with more confidence,

Practice of what you want naturally drowns out what you don’t want.

It’s nearly impossible to focus on what you don’t want and avoid simultaneously welcoming more of that unwanted stuff into your life.

When you’re focused on creating what you want, it will flourish!

Your creativity will skyrocket because you’ll hone it in all ways every day.

When you’re using your intention and influence to shape life in beautiful ways, you’ll find the wild ideas, the flashes of inspiration and all the creative methods you can imagine popping up for you every day.

This is a great exercise to practice the power of your intention if you’re wanting to get started:

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