7 Ways Feng Shui Can Remove Stress From Your Days

Feb 5, 2020 | Creativity

There are so many ways that you can decrease stress every day. They’re practical and important, like exercise, getting enough sleep, eating well for your body and drinking enough water, getting organized and many more.

Our environment, though, collects the stress even when we’re working to let it go. It collects as dust, clutter and other energies. We can barely recognize it as the source of this stress, but the results of de-stressing your environment are enormous!

Here are some easy ways to let go of any stress that might be lingering in your home!


Cleaning your house can be a fast track to less stress and a glorious sense of endorphin-filled accomplishment!


This is such a vast topic because there are thousands of ways to use herbs in housecleaning, energizing and creating natural bliss at home. THIS YouTube playlist is full of some favorite ways to use herbs and spices to make your home more magnetic!

Space Clearing.

Practices vary to clear negative energies from a home. From burning sage, incense and candles to using sound bells and other tools– whatever methods you prefer to remove negative vibes from a space are the best methods for you!

Air flowing freely.

When you have a sense of air flowing freely, you can flow freely through your space. Air out stuffy rooms and create a whole new sense of freshness in your home. That flowing energy is like a calming fountain, creating a sense of rejuvenating sanctuary at home.

Clutter clearing.

This is a huge way to eliminate stress. Clear your clutter and you’ll soar!

A space to rest.

Do you have restful spots at home or is everything either very formal or very loud? Creating a calm space to unwind creates a greater sense of “home” in your home. You’ll also find it easier to do all your meditative practices!

Art that calms.

Take a look at your art and see how it makes you feel. If you feel very energized but nothing makes you feel restful, you might want to make yourself a piece of meditative art. THESE diy projects are easy and customizable!

Here’s to your calm, centered, intuitive, feel-great energy!



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