Building Your Focus Will Multiply Your Success!

Feb 5, 2020 | Prosperity


Focus is like sun streaming through clouds. It’s welcome, it clarifies everything, things heat up and become more dynamic, colorful and inviting.

In Feng Shui in my way, your focus is your manifesting power. It’s how you bring things to life and how you soar.

Abraham Hicks has said that when you focus on something for 17 seconds, it already starts manifesting for you. The momentum kicks in to start making it happen.

In the Magic Money book series I’m reading, if you focus even for a minute on something, it comes into being.

It’s incredible to see what happens with real focus.

Real focus.

Real focus is not wavering. It’s not distracted. It’s not consumed with worry or trying to “hedge bets” and avoid disappointment.

Real focus is crisp, clear, all-in and totally committed.

Real focus is something we all can cultivate more of, and when we do, life becomes so much more directed, intentional and incredibly fun!

To cultivate more focus, decide to practice:

Slow down your mind a bit. Meditation is great for this. Do it a few times a day if you can.

Streamline your color scheme. When you’ve got lots of color facing you all day long, it’s energizing but it can also full your focus if it’s splashed everywhere. Splash color everywhere “except” the places where you need the greatest focus. That’s a good place to dial into more white, grey, neutral colors or a streamlined color scheme that keeps your attention fixed on what’s in front of you!

More puzzles and word games! It’s been a long time since I’ve solved a sudoku puzzle but they have been so fantastic in the past for honing my focus, I’m headed back to them. When I was healing from a major illness, I’d do sudoku to keep my mind focused on solutions. It worked brilliantly!

#Goodvibesonly. We don’t live in a perfect world but if you immerse yourself in good vibes and become very clear that this is your standard, you’ll see more good vibes and less of the rest. This energy makes you stronger!

Talk about growth and success. Words are powerful and your words are 100% up to you!

This is all very basic, but I’ll tell you that even after being immersed for my entire adult life in this type of home-transforming, success-building, growth-oriented work, I still need reminders and more practice.

It’s one thing to read it and another to do it!

I’m about to set my timer for 60 seconds and focus on something amazing.

Join me!



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