Do You Feel Like Other People And Circumstances Are Messing With Your Manifesting Power?

Feb 8, 2020 | Prosperity

manifesting power


I know what it feels like when it seems like all sorts of forces outside of myself are seeming to mess with my power to make things happen.

It feels like endless struggle, stress and constant high-alert duress mixed with resignation, exhaustion and a feeling like, “Maybe I should give up…?”

Do not give up. Do not agree. Do not let anything sway you.

I know from history what that feeling is and when even a brief moment’s worth of that theme of “what is… who is… why is this happening to me?!” creeps into my days, I knock it off right away.

No one and nothing can stop you.

Today I’m happy to share a few of the easy things I do that bring me back to myself and all my creative power. I’m sharing them in the hopes it will help you shake off any and all lingering feelings that anyone or anything can take your power of dim your creative magic.

It’s time to shine!

We’re surrounded my energy all day long and we can keep it shining more like rainbows than perhaps we’ve acknowledged in the past.

After all, we’re fed stories about luck, about what’s going to be fortunate and what we can and can’t do… and none of it is true.


Then there are all the bad vibes, the demons, the people who want to squash you and see you not succeed whether it’s conscious or unconscious…

And we’re told that we have to battle them, keep them away at all costs, fight it all.

But… that’s how we get stuck with it.

I was stuck in “battles” with bad vibe people, feeling fear of reaching too far or else I’d get squashed, fearing criticism as though other people could take away my magic.

And when I was locked in those thoughts, it was true. They could. It could. All of it could topple me at any moment because I believed so much in that paradigm.

Now: I reject that wholeheartedly.

Nothing can stop you, squash you or hold you back forever.

Yes, of course, it’s ideal to have only the highest energies around you, but in life, the whole spectrum of emotion and energy is everywhere and it’s nothing to fear.

Instead: embrace your creative power.

manifesting power

Recognize what’s happening and acknowledge you have options.

I know when I feel like something is working against me in some way that I have options. My #1 option and my go-to choice is to remind myself that I am creating my life and I can reject any and all outside influence.

I don’t need anyone telling me what’s possible for me or any societal standard saying what I can or can’t do, be or have. You don’t either!

Everything is infinitely possible. It’s one of the core reasons I founded The School of Intention to teach this method of Feng Shui. I don’t believe or agree that anything is more powerful that we are to shape our homes, lives and outcomes.

Decide you are creating your life and focus on what outcomes you’re interested in creating. That’s the focus.

Call your power back to you. Yes: call it back!

If you feel drained, rest for bit and, when you feel rested, literally declare (out loud if you’d like) that you now are calling all of your energy back to you!

You may feel it flow in. Sometimes I feel it like a wave or gradual increase.

Imagine it. See it. Embrace it. And, keep on creating what you want.

Resist the urge to go on the defense. You’ll be lowering your vibes and putting attention on what you don’t want!

If you start fighting, battling, fearing or complaining about who or what is annoying you– or even letting it get to you– you start going low.

We manifest easiest from a high vibe place. Why sacrifice the ease you could experience for the sake of being right or winning fights?

If you’re in a very bad situation— determine you’ll leave and seek all the help you need to get out. I’ve done this in jobs, relationships and even in homes I’ve rented in the past. When it’s time to go, you’ll find a way out and you’ll find the help you need.

Do every practice that makes your home energy bright and strong.

Bright energy supports your electric thoughts and most dynamic creativity. Do the meditation, spiritual practice, housecleaning and energy practices that light you up!

Get some extra plants.

I usually get plants whenever I feel it’s time to strengthen my energy. We (me + the plants) grow stronger and bigger together.

These money -symbolic Feng Shui plants are always great options!

Double and triple your self-care!

Nothing makes you shine brighter than your most confident, radiant beautifying, relaxing and re-fueling self-care!

And, keep on going with your head held high!

We may not be able to control everything that happens in life but we certainly get to choose how we rise to the occasion, show up proudly and bring our best to everything!

Here’s to your unstoppable days full of joy!





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