How Much Do You Use The Power of Your Intention?

Feb 9, 2020 | Creativity

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How much do you use the power of your intention?

I have answered this question in many ways.

I used to think that using the power of my intention meant that I had goals and that I was aware of them and pretty much dedicated some of my day toward them. I’d list them out each month and even each week. I practiced gratitude and all the rest.

And I still felt like I was sort of keeping up with life instead of creating it.

I wasn’t doing anything “wrong” but I wasn’t really exercising the power of my intention.

When I came to see more of what was possible when intention became a lifestyle, a home style and an operating basis all day long…

… that’s when I started to see the magic!

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I wish I could proclaim that I am 100,000% intentional and creating on the highest level all the time, but I am not.

I’m not sure anyone is. And that’s ok. After all, we’re human and this experience, in my mind, is about fulfillment and not perfection.

I’m far more intentional than I once was in a far more “complete” fashion, and as I gear up for another season of leading The School of Intention Certification Program I’m keenly aware of the ways that I can take my own intention to the next level.

If you’ve been less-than-impressed by your moon wishes, goal lists and declarations that things are going to go in your direction, it’s my hope that some of what I share can help you to tip the scales in favor of intentional living.

While you don’t need to obsess over what you want, there’s a certain quality of focus that makes things monumentally easier to accomplish. I’ve found that if I can’t stay focused on putting energy behind certain goals, I don’t really need or want to do them. Realizing this has saved me a ton of extra spinning-in-circles, running-on-a-treadmill energy and has helped me to get very clear on where I want to spend my energy.

Also, in my experience, reading a list of goals isn’t quite the same as taking steps to see them to fruition. You may think this is a given, but you’d be amazed how many times I’ve heard this being explained as the same thing. Yes, the Law of Attraction will bring you many things. But often we get into all those magnetic vibes through ACTION!

Reading your goals is a great thing to do, that I do almost every day, but really flexing your intention is also demonstrated in how you can take an idea and move toward it every day. Having an exciting plan– even if you deviate from it as you go– can make a dramatic difference.

It’s really important to stay keenly aware of how you feel.

This can help you declutter your days. For instance: What is flowing and exciting for you? What feels forced or crammed into your day in an uncomfortable way? What do you no longer enjoy?

How you feel is really the strongest indication of how much intention you’re using. Even if you’re up against a challenge, do you feel courageous or fearful? Do you feel moved to rise up or ready to give up?

You don’t need to feel “elated” to make enormous breakthroughs. Feeling that you’re in your power rather than without your power is what makes all the difference.

And, what do you do “between things”?

Between writing, teaching, filming and designing, I have all this time that I can spend in so many ways.

I can choose to rest, recharge, see friends, cook beautiful things, sketch out ideas, read books, play games, see art, make art…

Or, I can also choose to stare at my phone, read articles shared online, have conversations I don’t want to have to fill up my time…

I can complain or I can create. I can revitalize or I can rile myself up. I can find spaciousness or stuff every minute of my fay with more stuff.

Here is where I exercise my intention the most: in the in-between.

You might find enormous opportunities in this space and time to ditch what drags you down or exhausts you, eliminate what pulls your focus and double-down on what feels fantastic!

Every waking moment of the day you can be practicing more intention. You’ll feel more present, more electric, more clear, more deliberate and more excited. You’ll start to see more things fall into place and more things fortuitously pop up. You’ll feel the shift. And, as you do, you’ll see your life expand!

Here’s to using even more intention every day to make life an even greater adventure!



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