Feng Shui To Get Things Done Brilliantly When You Really Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

Feb 11, 2020 | Creativity

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True story: I didn’t want to do anything today. Well, after my 7:30 am trip to do my spiritual practice with friends, I did actually want to send out an email.

The day stopped after that. I didn’t want to do anything.

To be more precise, I’ve been in such a whirl of excitement I just wanted to zone out for a while and nothing seemed like it was meant to be done today.

This happens to just about all of us. Whether you’re under the weather, overwhelmed, in a down-spiral, not feeling it… whatever it is… there’s time when it seems like the best thing to do is nothing.

And, when I can do nothing, I do nothing! And if you can do nothing, I highly encourage following that feeling for a bit to recharge.

With The School of Intention Feng Shui Certification underway, lots of projects calling my name and lots of videos to film stretched out in front of me, the thought of actually doing “nothing” and flipping on Netflix is not that throughly appealing.

It’s in these weird spaces of time- caught between wanting a break and wanting extra hours in the day- that I often make quantum leaps forward. At these times I’m called to implement all my favorite tools and methods to recharge, feel inspired and manifest so much more.

Today’s Feng Shui can help you to make big breakthroughs any day, even if you’re not initially feeling it!

Energy doesn’t lie, and you don’t need to fake how you’re feeling either.

If a home feels strange, the energy is off. If a room makes you tired, upset or prone to frustration, even if it’s decluttered and looks “great,” the energy is off.

It is what it is. Seeing it for what is is brings you the vast opportunities to make changes.

Same goes for emotions.

I don’t deny how I’m feeling any more. The days of smiling through misery drove me crazy and stunted my growth both personally and professionally. I’d rather get angry for a moment now than swallow my displeasures when they arise and pretend that things are “all good” for months on end while I feel my energy plummet.

Sometimes things are not “all good.” Honor it.

If you find yourself trying to ignore your feelings about things, you’ll likely just grow to feel flat, creatively blocked, squashed or without a voice. That’s definitely not what any of us want.

That’s what happens when energy builds up, just like clutter in the closets or junk in the drawers. After a while, you dread looking at it and often avoid the area completely so you don’t have to see the mess. But: it’s still there behind the closed doors and you feel it even if you don’t see it.

Free yourself by being ok with things not being 1000% OK for a bit. From that place, you can elevate your life in big ways, and we’ll get to some ideas in a moment.

Before going further: if you have emotions pent up that are too much to safely confront on your own, seek help to unravel them. There’s a lot of support groups, counseling, therapist and healers available around the clock, around the world– and even online– if you need them.

Take intuitive steps to rise up when you aren’t feeling enthusiastic. 

Forcing yourself to take giant steps forward when you don’t feel like you’re engaged in the day at all is sort of like forcing yourself to run a marathon when you haven’t even exercised in a month.

Instead of forcing myself as I used to, this is now when I call upon courage.

If you look at the emotional scale above, courage is the place where power first appears in life.

Courage is where you move from being the effect of the day to being the creator of the day.

If I’m feeling less than wonderful and find myself sliding down the emotional scale, I start by making a few decisions that feel good, starting with a decision to have the courage to accept how I’m feeling and do whatever it takes to feel better.

From that place of courage, I’ve found myself taking naps, baths, long walks, trips to get my hair done, nails done (all the self-love in action makes a difference), burning herbs to cleanse my home and mopping floors, among other things.

I’m up for whatever will help me to gradually move into a place of feeling better and better.

You might find that taking a shower or doing a handstand is a perfect way to boost yourself higher from where you are right now.

If it feels good and you love it, do it!

And, that brings me to the doing of it.

Are you ready to do a few things today that are on your to-do list?

Do what you’re going to be able to do exceptionally well with the energy you have right now.

And, as you feel better and better, start tackling things that require your genius on full-blast.

Doing some basic admin: placing the online orders, driving to do errands, returning simple emails and doing all the tasks that don’t take much profound inspiration can be epic to get the day going.

Productivity builds up your energy. You’ll see more of your accomplishments. You’ll feel your energy moving. Things will get organized.

From this place, you can start the big projects of the day. The meaningful communication, the big things that require your genius.

The good news is that you’re genius will be there. You’ll be ready.

And, even though you started off not wanting to do anything, it worked out to be a dynamic day!





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