8 Ways To Build A More Prosperous Mindset Every Day!

Feb 18, 2020 | Creativity, Prosperity


What you’re thinking about will grow, so, suffice it to say that the more you think abundant, wellness-filled, exciting, dynamic thoughts the more you’ll grow the abundance in your life.

As we head into a season of wealth (*every season is that season, isn’t it?!) it seemed like the ideal time to share some simple ways to make a powerful shift in both your mindset and energy toward lots more abundance!

These are practices that I do all the time when I’m in my greatest flow, and when I feel more than a few dropping out of my days, I know it’s time to get back to my most successful actions!



If you’re rolling your eyes that you’ve heard this (and affirmations, too, that are coming next) before, and “it didn’t work…” well, I urge you to really commit.

If you really commit to visualizing your life the way you want to grow and expand it with as much full color and feeling as possible, and do it for ten or fifteen minutes every single day, you’ll feel such energy and flow you won’t even think about whether or not it’s working.

(It is!)

Daily affirmations.

Every day, affirm your abundance. Yes, you can state what you want out loud and repeat it over and over again as though you have it. But, you can also do something that is even more powerful:

Speak all day long about the great outcomes on the way without wavering or holding back.

This is the kind of affirmation that makes magic happen.

morning pages

Morning pages.

This is the practice I’m now adding back to my days after a long break, and I can’t believe it’s been so long. HERE is more about morning pages.

Seeing desires everywhere.

Indeed, I have a vision board, and it was so much fun to make and so magnetic in general that I love to look at it. If you’ve never made one, this is a good place to start:

Don’t let it stop at the vision board. Keep pictures of your desires on your phone, on your desk, on the fridge and everywhere you spend lots of time. You will stay reminded of what you’re working toward!

Daily indulgences.

Get yourself the lovely berries you always eye at the market, indulge in naps, dress up for fun and no special occasion. Every day is a special occasion. The more you live that truth you’ll feel it’s easier to connect to the wonder in every moment.

Make donations.

It’s incredibly abundant.

japan taisekiji

Do spiritual/meditative practice. As much as possible.

I can’t say enough about the prosperous power of clearing your mind/heart/soul.

Bring 1000% of you to your work/to your day/to your mission.

There really is nothing that communicates as much as excellence does. Do not hold back. Bring your brilliance to your work. Do amazing things. Make magic happen.

There are infinite ways to build a more prosperous mindset, but the best ones to start with are the ones that really resonate with you. It doesn’t matter how simple or sophisticated they are. It matters most that you do them and feel awesome each and every time you do!



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