Getting Your Home In Order Can Be A Secret To Expanding Your Wealth!

Feb 19, 2020 | Prosperity

All your clutter was once money. Let it go, regardless, without guilt or shame.

Just take the lesson to heart:

You don’t necessarily need the trendy, the superfluous, the extra, or the “oh, isn’t that cool?” things.

If you need or very much love them, have at it. But, then, it wouldn’t wind up in your pile of clutter, so that’s fantastic.

You don’t need to live without “things” in order to be streamlined, organized and free of the weight of energy you don’t want dragging you down.

You can have an abundance of things that you love, use and need.

The rest of the clutter, though, is stuff that was once money, and, as someone pointed out wisely on Instagram, that money was once time.

So, today, let’s talk a bit more about how keeping your home in order can start to skyrocket your finances!

When you really get your home de-cluttered, polished, organized and in flow, you’ll start to buy less, indeed, as we’ve already covered.

You’ll know that what you’re splurging on isn’t a splurge but rather a quick fix and not one that will be fulfilling, at that.

But, in addition to buying less, when you’re really on top of your home organization, you’ll know what you have and can become more crafty with all that you have.

This is how tapestries that were stored in a closet became the theme of my hallways, how my old TV stand became a laundry-room organizer, how pillows changed rooms, art got painted-over and plants and candles found new homes outside on my patio.

I know every single thing I have because I’ve spend a good amount of focus in organizing, energizing and creating flow at home. II know, it’s easy for me to say because it’s my job. But, I dare say it’s a job for all of us to connect to our homes and create the kind of organized flow that allows us to think more clearly, be more creative, and, yes, save lots of money, too!

Plus, when you care for things, they often last much longer.

When I started taking care of my trash cans (essential oils, scrubbing, etc) and my cleaning tools (vacuum, steamer, etc), they don’t malfunction, they work better, they hold up…

Basically, objects respond to the way that you treat them.

So, when you wax your car, polish your windows, and do all kinds of home maintenance you are essentially keeping your stuff in mint condition.

The implications are three-fold:

  1. what you own will reflect your high self-worth which is extremely prosperous
  2. what you own will be long lasting and will save you tons of cash
  3. you’ll send less stuff to landfills

Those are many rich reasons to rejoice!Also, when you are surrounded by order in your environment, that order becomes your operating basis.

When you see order and clarity and a sense of “everything is put together properly” in your home and office, that order puts your mind at ease. It saves you time finding things. It makes every space more welcoming.

It also echoes a sense of energetic flow you can feel. That flow is where momentum builds in life. It’s incredibly powerful and creates a strong sense of personal stability.

When you’re surrounded by flow, you’ll want to feel it everywhere.

Think about the implications for your money when its even more organized, systematized, intentional and flowing.

It’s monumental what can happen when you commit to creating more order in your home and life. And, it’s absolutely essential to feeling and living a rich life!



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