Do You Think About Amazing Things For The Majority Of Your Day?

Feb 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

I’m writing this at nearly 2:00pm today and as I sit to type it I can’t help but realize that I managed to curtail three different streams of thought that could have carried me down paths that were incredibly unproductive and don’t lead to joy.

Maybe there were more than slid past my recognition, but I’m so much more aware of this downsliding thought spiral now because I see the difference in my life almost instantly when I let myself get carried away into the haze of it.

It’s not fun being the effect of life.

I can literally feel the energy of doors closing, I feel myself shrinking smaller, I feel the energy drain from my day.

And it happens so fast.

Luckily: It’s also 100% preventable. And, it’s simple to prevent.

When you manage to steer most of your thoughts, words and energies toward love, you’ll feel that energy shine back upon you in every kind of abundant way.

Honing that magnetic mindset is the Feng Shui of the day!

While we may not be able to control every single thing that happens in life we can select our dominant thoughts.

Chances are you already know what makes you feel great and what makes you feel disconnected, numb, angry, anxious and much much more and I’m venturing a guess that at least some of the above involves a choice to either engage or ignore these things.

Example: If I hop on Twitter I know I’ll feel overwhelmed and upset quite quickly looking at what’s being discussed.

I just don’t care to know a lot of opinions. I’m good without the group consensus or polarizing argumentation.

In fact, I’m at my best when it’s out of my life.

If there are these things in your life that are totally optional and totally negative, letting them go can be totally life-changing.

But that’s just one piece of this magnetic mindset!

Let’s take it way further and ask:

How much do you believe you can actually improve your life?

When, way deep down, you view all the attempts to improve life as relatively futile, you’re not really set up for much success, no matter how many times you slap on a happy face and say that, “everything is fantastic!”

If I had a dime for everyone who told me how grateful they were who were actually not grateful at all but trying to convince themselves that they were, it’s a lot of dimes! Whether they heard that they have to say they’re grateful to improve their life and make more money or wanted to convince people that they were “good people” by expressing their gratitude…

Emotions only work magic when they’re real. Not just words.

Lot’s of people are not grateful despite what they say— they’re angry, they feel powerless and stuck.

And: I have been one of them for many many years of my life, so I know this whole dynamic very well.

I wanted to be grateful, but I was trying so hard to deny all the “shadowy” emotions that were bottled up inside of me, it just made me fall flat.

There’s no value in sugarcoating how you feel.

Instead, feel it all and let it guide you to the next best place.

Your anger can help you to see what paths are not for you and where you really want to be.

Your frustration can be instructive as it shines a light on what you want to be free of, moving you to let some things go.

Your “stuck” feelings are often the best way to spot everything that is squashing creativity in your life and giving you a clear trajectory to let get rid of all of it.

I bet you’ll already feel that more is possible after a round of purging whatever emotions may have been denied!

Whatever you think is possible is what actually is possible, so embrace all the greatness of that possibility!

We can also, to some degree or another, select what we see around us.

Just like you can choose many of the experiences and thoughts you zero in upon every day, you can also choose a lot of the energy that comes into your environment and makes itself a part of your home.

You can’t whip yourself into a frenzy to create the “mindset” that’s magnetic to all kinds of success. That frenzy is stressful in and of itself.

You can immerse yourself in it, though.

See pictures of all the people, fur kids and places you love all around you, surround yourself in textures, styles, colors, light and scents that you love. Wear clothes that feel fantastic. Visit places that take your breath away with their beauty.

The biggest thing to know if that you do have choices. You aren’t stuck with things. Everything can be elevated. Everything can shift.

And, when you’re ready for the next level of life-expansion, it’s always there waiting for you!



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