5 Feng Shui Energy Shifts To Turn Desires Into Manifestations!

Feb 27, 2020 | Prosperity

I love all the quotes that affirm the greatness that’s always on it’s way. All the words in the world, though, mean nothing if they’re just words. The energy behind thoughts, words and actions propels them. You know when someone is “just talking” without meaning what they’re saying, and you can see right through it. The Universe, so to speak, is also listening, in a sense, to the thoughts, words and actions you’re using to propel your own desires. No matter how many affirmations, vision boards, meditations and visualizations, prayers and practices you do, they will not “land” and have their desired effect if the energy behind them isn’t quite “there.” It’s way easier to make things happen if you shift the flow of energy in your life, and as we move into the season of abundance as The Cash Camp Feng Shui immersion starts soon, there are some energy tuning ideas that can help you turn your desires into manifested things so much faster.
Direct your energy toward the goals you really want to achieve. If you are forcing yourself to get a promotion at your job that seems to always fail to come but you really want to work at a different company even though that seems like a lot to maneuver… listen to yourself. When your energy is directed toward what you really want, doors open far more easily and your whole being is elevated by the utterly exciting aim! Eliminate the clutter of things you’re doing to “optimize” your life just because you are told you “should.” Optimizing life can feel like a real drag when you’ve got ten vitamins, all these different exercises, journals, crystals and ohhhh the meditations to do and the gym and… and… All of these things can be life-changing, but not when you’re doing them all because you’ve been told you should. If it’s not on target for you– enhancing, uplifting, exciting– it’s not for you. It’s not gonna be optimized this way, no matter how many times you visualize things in strong detail even though you strain to do it. Real optimization feels– at it’s core– completely right. Start a powerful morning routine. It can be one minute long if that’s what you’ve got. One minute to set an intention. A few minutes to hop in the shower and visualize your energy being re-set. Thirty seconds to drink a big glass of water and lemon. I’m all-in for big morning routines if they feel right for you. But, the key is: something powerful and refreshing is way better than an all-or-nothing elaborate routine. You’ll know when you’ve found your routine because you will crave it! Embody the outcomes you want. We aren’t going to become someone new when a soulmate arrives, the bank balances double or the masterpiece gets finished. In fact, it’s usually the people who believe in how lovable and loved they are every single day that find a soulmate to share life with. The people who always feel rich even with a few dollars in the bank find a way to exponential wealth. The most famous artists I’m blessed to know believed in their creative brilliance long before they were “discovered.” Embody the energy of the outcomes you want every single day. Immerse yourself in the outcomes you want. If you can’t live in a Paris apartment tomorrow, you can certainly fill your kitchen with french classic foods, have tea in beautiful cups that are Parisian in style, and play some French music every day as you relax at home. Embody the lifestyle and culture you crave. See how fast that speeds more of what you want toward you. Your whole environment can support you in living the life of your dreams. And, when you move from waiting for things to living with things, you can have so much more of what you want and it can be incredibly easy! xoxo!!! Dana P.S.: The Catalyst Camp Life De-Clutter is coming soon! It starts with a FREE 3-Video Series to revolutionize your clutter clearing… with lots of feng shui magic mixed in, too!  You can sign up HERE to get started! Clearing clutter- even the overwhelmingly tough stuff- can – and will-  be super-fun!!!


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