Are You Ready To Elevate Your Lifestyle?

Mar 1, 2020 | Creativity

When’s the last time you thought about really elevating your lifestyle?

It’s such a common thing for me to hear:

“I’d love to take these classes, I’d love to spend summers abroad, I’d love to….

…but… I can’t afford it, it’s so out of reach, it’s irresponsible, and what if I run out of money after that and then I’m in big trouble…”

If you have scarcity thoughts (I’ll run out of cash, I’ll lose the house if I buy it, what if the economy falls apart, I have to be so careful) every time you think of creating the life of your dreams I want to start by saying this:

You’ll be hard pressed to find the amount of money, free time, assurances and guarantees to ever feel stable and secure living your dreams if you’re living with these ideas active in your life.

Today’s Feng Shui energy shifts are all about making those daily changes and stepping into the life you know you were meant to live!

If there’s anything standing in the way of starting the garden, taking the dance classes, changing your hairstyle, moving to a new city, getting the PhD or anything else you’ve been dying to do it is this feeling that things may suddenly fall apart and bank accounts may instantly dry up if you pursue your dreams.

None of this is true. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Investing in yourself can be one of the greatest ways to grow your prosperity.

But, let’s start at the start.

Clear the scarcity feelings from your life.

If you’ve got a keen awareness that you may never make another dollar again, you’ll grow more likely to fulfill that prophesy.

Find a way to work through your limiting beliefs that whisper to you the cautions that are not really warranted.

I often have people make a list of all they’ve manifested, earned and created in the past year. Not all financial, but financial, too. Part of the reason I love doing my taxes each year is to add up this list!

It’s also a great idea to give away some money regularly if you’re feeling scarcity. I know that might seem weird, but giving away even a dollar a week can start loosening the grip of these fears.

There’s tons of inner work we do in the Feng Shui Camps to let go of these tangled beliefs, but these two simple actions can make a decided difference!

Commit to the lifestyle shifts you want, and start on a gradient.

You learn to trust incrementally. It’s not like you meet strangers every day and invite them to spend weeks in your home, right? Trust is built over time.

Same with how much you trust in yourself and your ability to make changes.

A lot of people don’t start things they are dying to do because they don’t trust themselves to follow through.

If the very expensive Country Club where you can play tennis every day feels like a big commitment since you haven’t played in ten years, how about starting by grabbing friends for a weekly game at the local High School tennis court? Maybe next you mix in some pro lessons, and get new gear? Within months, you’ll know if this is actually plenty to satisfy your passion for tennis or, if indeed you’re ready to join the Club because it’s the next logical step that’s now incredibly enticing.

There’s a gradient for almost everything.

A large majority of my School of Intention students training to be Feng Shui professionals started in the DIY self-development Feng Shui Camps.

I started out with a Tumblr blog that cost zero dollars, had a lot of fun and then huge success, and it was very easy to invest a ton of money into creating this blog, and even easier to invest twice as much into upgrading it soon.

Gradients are your friend.

By taking steps into your desired lifestyle you’ll feel the changes you want to feel every day. You’ll know you’re in the right place. And, the investments you make will be, most certainly, very sound investments.

Stability comes from within.

If I were told somehow that I could never do what I’m doing with design and Feng Shui ever again, I know now with vast certainty I would be fine and would find a way to outshine the situation in all ways.

In the decade of jobs I had before this, I wasn’t there by a long shot. I’d be terrified to lost things, I’d fear the uncertainty and panic at the thought of anything happening to my job.

Abraham Hicks has this saying, “Things are always working out for me.”

It’s my computer screensaver. It’s also what I remind myself all day long.

Work on your inner stability and you’ll start to see that it’s more important to take the dance class than to skip it. It’s more vital to embrace your truth than to deny it. It’s more prosperous to move to the city full of gardens than spend another day in self-denial.

Every day, start doing things that feel really good– big and small.

Each and every step will build more self-trust, more abundant thinking and more inner stability.

The lifestyle you’re dreaming about living next has been waiting for you, and you’re gonna be ready for it!




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