There Are So Many Things To Learn That Will Make Life Incredibly Abundant!

Mar 3, 2020 | Prosperity

Through the magic of Instagram I stumbled across @amazing_plants. My world opened to white Monstera, purple-leaf wonders, succulents that look like gemstones and more striped pink leaves than I ever knew existed. Velvety leaf textures, deep greens that nearly go black, along with curly tipped, heart-shaped, blue and even rainbow colored plant wonders.

These are all houseplants I have never set eyes on in all my time in greenhouses, nurseries, rare plant shops and flower marts.

Obviously, my world of options was as narrow as my knowledge, and now I’m on a hunt for each and every one of these.

Now I know.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

Wisdom and knowledge are the essence of growth. It doesn’t mean you need a PhD, but it does mean you’re willing to keep learning what’s essential to expand your success.

If you think you know everything already, or you’ve learned a lot of useless data that never got implemented, today’s Feng Shui can dramatically expand the possibilities and welcome tons of abundance into your life.

I’m about to complete an online course I bought six months ago and implement every single piece of it to the letter in my own creative ways.

Why am I going to actually implement this so fastidiously?

I’ve seen the proof that it works, and I’ve seen it now over and over. And, if someone has a system I jive with, I’m willing to do it all and then customize it to fit my needs.

I can tell you three things from the first ten minutes of it:

1.I didn’t even have a complete grasp of the very basics of this subject (though I thought I did) so I didn’t have a solid foundation. No wonder I felt stuck in the slow lane and could never build creative momentum. Basics are everything. Without mastering them, you can’t innovate.

Imagine if you had to write a book but didn’t know the alphabet?

2. There were five big steps I took that were easy after the first ten minutes that have elevated me in ways that could have saved me incredible amounts of time and tripled my abundance in all creative ways.

Had I been more open to learning in this area, well, there’s no use in looking backward. I’m ready now!

3. I resist structure. I tried to bounce around and only do what was easy in this class when I first got it and that proved to be pointless and confusing. I thought I only needed to know a few things. I needed to know a whole lot more than that.

So now I’m going step-by-step, even doing things I have told myself “I’m not good at.”

I’m doing this because it feels right.

I wouldn’t suggest “forcing” yourself to learn or do things in a way that’s against your nature. That’s the opposite of a good thing, and a great way to turn yourself off from wanting to learn or grow.

A lot of people show up in my life because they want things to be better. They want a better home. They want money, love, creativity, expansion… and it’s all so exciting!

It all starts with wisdom.


Not just data. Not just reading the things. Doing the things.

Take stock of all your great wisdom. Even list it out if you’d like and admire the many pages of lessons and skills and mastery that you’ve accumulated. There are so many things you are so good at and it’s incredibly eye opening to remember this.

Now, look at what you’d like to expand. What can you learn– or what wisdom do you have that you can tap into– that can make this area of life feel more exciting, enticing, creative, fun and unlimited?

Is it time to use your drawing skills to illustrate the book you’re writing that feels a little two dimensional? Is it time to join a public speaking club like Toastmasters to make your work presentations feel far more exhilarating? Would you benefit from a new class or a mentor in your field?

In so many ways I am saying yes to so much that’s new because if I’m not growing I’m not thriving.

Just like I didn’t know about these magic purple, pink, velvet and white plants that are apparently thriving around the world until two days ago, and I didn’t know so much in that online course I set aside for half a year that’s now rocking my world…and there’s so much more waiting for me to learn this month.

Use your discernment. Learn what captures your heart not what follows a trend. Infuse your life with your wisdom.

This is magic for your abundant life!



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