Feng Shui To Tap Into The Wealth-Building Power Of Your Home As A Sanctuary!

Mar 4, 2020 | Creativity

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What you do at home is, in my mind, largely responsible for the vast amount of energy and power in your home.

Despite the limiting beliefs of most of Feng Shui that relies on “cures” to purportedly make a home’s energy “correct,” it’s simply not true or real.

You can hang 900 red strings in a space and add 1000 lucky charms and come up completely empty-handed with no money, love or luck in sight.

The energy in your home isn’t created by strings or charms. It isn’t completely cleansed by lighting dried herbs on fire. This energy is created and purified by you. And, when you clear and amplify the quality of this energy, you’ll see that things manifest far more easily in your life.

When you embrace your home as a sanctuary and use it as a sanctuary, the wealth-building benefits are tremendous!

What you do in your home makes a difference.

Today, let’s see how your home habits can help you to stay in the light and prosper in even bigger ways!

Do you use your kitchen to cook?

Kitchens are a huge space of wealth at home. If you want to increase the magnetic abundance vibes at home, start cooking up a storm!

Do you invite in messages of fear and trouble from lots of news broadcasts streaming through the TV?

After a few minutes we all usually know what’s happened in the news, but then it keeps on repeating itself over and over again, compounding the energy and making things feel heavy at best and hopeless at worst.

None of this needs to enter your home, your phone, your car radio or anyplace else.

Stay informed and that’s plenty.

Do you use your shower or bath (or both) for self-care and revitalization?

A daily shower is super-common, and it can be even more powerful when you make it an energy-shifting personal ritual. HERE is more.

And if you’re new here, my love of detox baths runs deep. My favorites that are super-simple are HERE.

Do you feel very disconnected from the idea of managing your home’s care?

Care for your home and it will care for you. Really. It’s quite profound. Spring Cleaning is always in season!

Do you meditate at home?

Grab yourself a few pillows or a spot on the sofa and do a few minutes of simple breathing, journalling or other meditative activity. It will flood your life with more receptive energy, calling in more of what you want. At the same time, it will flood your home with that blissful clarity.

Live as though you’re in a sanctuary. You are. And, the more you deliberately create that sanctuary, the deeper you’ll go with all your feel great practices and the more abundance you’ll see showing up in your life…!



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