Feng Shui Ways To Stock Up On Wellness At Home!

Mar 9, 2020 | Feng Shui 101


Your home at it’s best is a wellness sanctuary– a private retreat full of energizing, inspiring, fortifying, relaxing, creative and revitalizing energy.

That’s a lot of adjectives, I know.

But, it’s pretty simple to fill your home with the things that can bring you a sense of calm, stability and even more good vibes.

Today is my day of stocking up on wellness, and here is what I do when it’s time to replenish the brightly beaming vibes!


Groceries for the win!

And, since your kitchen is ultra-prosperous and it’s epic to have an abundance of food on hand that will last, fill your freezer and pantry, too.

–Before heading out to the store, I go through the fridge and pantry and check to see if I’m missing major components of cooking (for me: garlic, onions, Italian spices, lemons– I am big on Italian everything raised with my Italian Grandma) and, also, to see if anything’s expired.

–This gives me a chance to walk out of the house with the trash, recycling and composting and get it filed into bins before anything new comes into my house. Letting things go creates space for the new!

–As I do this I also make a list of what’s low. Right now, it’s time for me to really ramp up the less-perishables as they’ve been depleted: canned San Marzano tomatoes, nuts, coconut flakes, dried fruit, pastas, coconut milk, and nut butters are on the list.

–Also, I stock up on frozen stuff and recommend it if you use it: frozen fruit/ berries for smoothes, frozen veggies if they apply to you, and all the like.

Basically, I like to always be prepared with two weeks + of food because sometimes I’m busy and often things aren’t in stock in the stores that are easy to get these days.

This ultimately saves me tons of money and I have nearly zero waste in my kitchen. That bodes well for abundance and for the planet, too!

baking soda

–I also refill my stock of sea salt, baking soda and epsom salt because baths are a huge wellness and high energy habit in my house. If you have a discount or bulk store near you, you can stash some extra boxes and bags for some energy clearing always ready at your fingertips.

–Clean with vitality! I’ve got my vinegar + water cleaning spray ready and I’ll be adding a few drops of a natural essential oil blend comparable to “Thieves”. You can find many types of essential oils that are pure and immune boosting (On Guard from DoTerra, Thieves from Young Living, and my local fave, Veriditas Good Samaritan oil). You can also skip the essential oil and simply scrub/ mop/ wash everything well. A bit of your favorite cleaning soap/ solution (I love Dr. Bronners castile soaps) mixed in can add extra power for your floor washes. Add 1/2 cup to 3 gallons of warm water for your mopping! More instructions on dilutions of Castile soap are here for many of your cleaning needs!

–Wash all of your cleaning cloths that have piled up if you have them! Mine are about to spin in the dryer. (I’m a fan of eco-friendly microfiber towels instead of paper towels). If you don’t have any, they are very inexpensive and incredibly long lasting and you can find them locally in big packs or on Amazon and many other shops online. You can also use old towels and washcloths and T-shirts for cleaning.

— See if you need a few vitamins/ herbs/ supplements. I often think I have a lot of something until I take the very last drop. I keep my home filled with herbal teas, superfood additions for smoothies like barley grass juice powder and immune-boosting basics. While you don’t need to go overboard for no reason, it’s always been a good practice to keep even a basic multivitamin or wellness tea on hand in my life for times that I need a little “extra.”

(house beautiful)

–Fluff up your bedroom and get ready to sleep more. Wash your sheets. Declutter your drawers and closets. Vacuum. Light candles or incense. Purify the vibes so you feel welcomed into bedtime!

–For days that you can’t get to the gym, can you do a home yoga / pilates/ cardio/ weights workout that you love? Something as easy as buying a small set of hand weights or a yoga mat can set you on your way. I am searching for a small rebounder (trampoline) right now so I can bounce twice a day at home between things!

— Flood your home with positive messages. Stack up your most positive books and start reading and really acting upon what you learn from them. Stack up your YouTube playlist with pure inspiration and optimism. If you turn on a TV, determine that you’ll only watch high-vibe programming.

Of course, you don’t need to do all of the above– and you may have an infinitely long list of other things you’d like to do as well– but the big deal is that you feel the order around you, the sense that anything you need is there for you, and you’re in a space that supports you as you thrive!

Your feeling of being at home and well is so key to building your wealth in even bigger ways… so, have fun, be intuitive, be resourceful and create a home full of wellness!



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