Feng Shui To Thrive Much More During Social Distancing Time At Home

Mar 15, 2020 | Feng Shui 101, Prosperity

Where to begin?

All of us know what’s happening right now. And, we are in this situation together as a global family.

For those of you who are, like me, at home for many weeks or maybe a month or more stretched ahead of us, I’m hoping it’s a shorter time, but it may feel a little crazy-making for the extroverts and introverts alike.

I’m accepting this time at home — whatever amount of time is needed and recommended. I’m also focused very deeply on every ounce of hope and positive energy that can be gained, shared and multiplied. Seeing people singing in together in Italy from their balconies brought me to tears. Its so beautiful to feel the spirit of humanity soaring in solidarity.

We all know this is a moment in our lives that we’re not apt to forget.

There are so many ways to strengthen your own energy to stay calmer, more grounded, more focused and more magnetic to positive experiences, and so many of them are perfect at-home practices that you can do right now and pass along.

Some of my favorite practices to stay calm, focused, grounded and focused on growth while you’re spending more time (or all of your time) at home are here for you today.

It’s one of my biggest daily prayers that we all stay well and keep growing and thriving so we can emerge from this time transformed in the best ways and ready to be of service to those who need it in even bigger ways.

morning pages

Morning pages. These three daily pages of free-writing keep my mind clear of the racing thoughts that can be overwhelming. They also keep my emotions flowing, so they don’t get stuck in my system where they cause tension and stress.

To do Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, grab some paper and a pen and write your heart out without censoring yourself until you fill three pages. While I’m a stickler at most times about handwriting these pages, if you can’t get out for paper or a pen at the moment, start typing them. Let yourself be free and don’t censor yourself. The idea of non-stop free-writing is an emotional release that can be transformational in so many ways.

Sending love. I do this often but, now, I’m doing it all day long. Close your eyes (or keep them open) and literally imagine ourself sending love to people who need that love. Send love to yourself as well.

The only rule I have instituted with friends and family is that we will not entertain worst case scenarios and will stay in love as much as possible.

You can see on this chart based on David Hawkins’ research how high LOVE is on the scale. It’s where we expand in our power. It’s where we have the best outcomes.

Fear, though we all feel it at times, is not a place we want to settle into. You can see how the chart shrinks toward fear. It’s where everything becomes far more difficult.

It’s great to express how you feel and allow yourself every emotion, but do all you can to fill yourself with love rather than sitting in a space with less possibility.

Mind Mapping. This is a great brainstorming tool that can help you to come up with new ideas, work on new projects… and, you can even do a Mind Map of everything you’d like to accomplish for yourself and your family while you are grounded at home. Learning to work with this tool can be a big plus. My best work has come from Mind Maps and my best ideas take shape with them. HERE is how to do them.

Daily Intentions For Growth. If you have limited ability to leave home and social distancing is in place for the moment, you can still set daily intentions for all you can do to grow for yourself.

It may be time to quit a habit, learn a skill, practice your art, cook great meals from your pantry or anything else you fancy. But, when you set powerful intentions to start the day, you step out of bed with your energy focused and your mindset more tuned to positive outcomes.

Home Wellness. I made you a video about Healthy Home practices that are pretty classic.

Daily Affirmations. When things feel like they’re racing fast in many different directions, affirmations can help you reel them in with their repetition. What I like to do is pick a positive outcome I want and write it out as though it’s already happened about 100 times. Again, if you don’t have paper, speak it out loud a hundred times in a row, feeling the truth of that positive outcome rise in your life.

Showers of Light. Hop in a quick shower and imagine the water is a stream of light that cleanses your energy field and makes it stronger. You will notice the shift in energy!

Visualization. Every day I do visualization and you can do it as a quick break in the day or a longer session. There are no rules. Close your eyes and get calm, then see the outcomes you want to see as though they’ve already manifested.

Stay in Touch. This isn’t just a good practice during this isolation, it’s a great practice all the time. Call up people you haven’t spoken to, write emails, Facetime or What’s App and see people’s faces (!) and stay connected.

Set New Goals. It may sound selfish to use this time to turn inward and set new or more refined personal goals, but it’s incredibly important to keep your future-creating powers in action.

This situation has definitely shifted a few of my priorities already, and I’m embracing the change.

All the Feng Shui of the season is focused on wellness and abundance. 

This year’s Cash Camp will dive deep into thriving and creating new systems for our money, abundance and energy that support us in life as we emerge from this unprecedented time.

It all starts with the FREE Wealth Feng Shui video series that I’d love for you to enjoy, using everything you have at home to create a more magnetic, abundant, glowing home and life. I’ll be supporting you every step of they way to creatively implement these rituals while being resourceful!

Stay well, stay calm and please keep your intentions and prayers flowing out to the world! I’m here praying and intending all the best and more for you!



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