10 Ways To Keep Aligning With Excellent Things In Challenging Times

Mar 18, 2020 | Creativity

Where we focus our energy is where we will see growth.

In times of any type of challenge, we many not be able to choose every circumstance but we can choose where we focus our energy.

What’s most important at all times when faced with unwanted scenarios and situations is to align with positive things. If you align with the down-spiral and start thinking, talking and acting it out, you are far more likely to create that unwanted down-spiral in your own life circumstances.

When we can stay aligned with the blessings, opportunities and solutions, more will avail themselves to us.

Let’s all commit to more growth every single day, now more than ever, aligning to all that you want to see and experience.

Write down your goals every day. This is a big deal. It will change your days!

Help someone every day. If ever you want to see your power in action, decide to help people every day and that energy will radiate outward.

Brainstorm solutions. If anything pops up that makes you feel out of control, do not let that feeling take the driver’s seat. Grab your phone/computer/piece of paper and brainstorm solutions non-stop.

Meditate on your ideal outcomes. Visualize like never before. This is a time of deeply conscious creating of life if you choose to be this intentional and deliberate.

Do not participate in outlining worst-case scenarios. Just like we can create positive outcomes we can line ourselves up with the unwanted. No time for that!

Avoid news “opinions” unless they are doctors or lawmakers or others speaking in an official capacity in today’s world situation. We don’t need a chorus of other people’s beliefs shaping what is possible for us, for world recovery, for the “economy” or for anything else. Steer clear of opinion and stick to facts only.

Make a list of everything you have overcome. Seriously: what have you triumphed over? What have you soared past? What have you recovered from? Focus on your strengths. It’s a good thing to look at that list if you feel yourself getting a little wobbly. You are super-powerful.

Affirm the positive all day long. Head back to Emil Coué’s famous phrase, “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” It’s like a song in my mind at this point.

Deeply organize every aspect of your home and life. If you want to emerge from this moment with incredible expansion on all levels, deeply organize your whole home and your whole life. Not only will it keep you occupied, it will also reinforce the belief that every day you are getting better and better.

Write down your gratitude and speak it out loud all day long.

It will get better and better. And, you will emerge stronger than ever!



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  1. Amy

    These are super helpful!
    Much appreciation for your ideas and spirit, Dana 🙂


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