Feng Shui Life-Lightening To Keep The Faith And Emerge Stronger Than Ever!

Mar 19, 2020 | Prosperity


There’s a whole lot of things happening that I know nothing about.

I may not be a doctor, but I am an expert at creating energy and environments that support your success and thriving in the most empowering ways, and I have a PhD, figuratively speaking, in overcoming adversity.

Right now, wellness is what matters the most.

The rest will fall into place from there.

And, wellness is boosted with incredibly strong energy.

Incidentally, that very strong energy will also bolster your abundance.

Here are lots of very simple Feng Shui ways to lighten your life in times of crisis and find every one of the infinite opportunities there are to thrive right now.

I’ve been sharing these ideas for over 15 years online, and so, I’m compiling many as resources you can use, send to friends and teach to others.

Today’s compilation is full of methods to boost your spirits, brighten your days, set stronger intentions and feel yourself more glowing in confidence.

A favorite: gold light. You can do this every day to feel more magnetic. You can use this if you need to go out and want an extra layer of energetic strength surrounding you.

You can also try some visualization to keep your mind focused on creating what you want. HERE are some tips to visualize greater outcomes.

Turn on more lights. And, although it may seem too basic to mention this tip, this can work wonders for your mood. If you can wake up much earlier to enjoy the maximum amount of sunlight, that’s going to be excellent!

Drink water and lemon. Or, water and fresh-squeezed orange. Or, just drink more water in general. You will feel incredibly revitalized by staying incredibly well-hydrated. Seeing water (in a pitcher, etc) has a great calming effect, so you may want to fill one energy day to fuel you!

And, here are two great money projects that are also life-lightening at the moment, to focus in on your financial growth and only your financial growth:

Make yourself a piggybank, right now. Use what you have on hand, toss in spare change and commit to filling that jar!

Feng Shui your wallet.  It is amazing.

We’re stepping into a new paradigm and all these “energy” tips that may have seemed fun and extra can become essential and a jumping off point to step into a whole new universe of love, wellness and power.

I’ll be here daily, and all over the Internet, sharing everything that we can all do at home using what we have!



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